Top YouTube Makeup Personalities For Moms

Top YouTube Makeup Personalities For Moms

If you have been on YouTube, you know that there are millions upon millions of videos on there. It can be time-consuming to weed through the useless ones in order to find the ones you are looking for. There are a niche of YouTube artists that are on a mission to help you master your makeup routine.

Top YouTube Makeup Personalities For Moms

Lauren Luke Lauren Luke is known on YouTube as Panacea 81. She stands above the rest when it comes to makeup videos and she is a well-known internet sensation. She is a mother and an international makeup star with not only her own makeup line (By Lauren Luke) but also her own book (Lauren Luke Looks). She is known for her bubbly personality and easily replicated makeup skills.

Marlena Marlena is part of Makeup Geek TV on YouTube. She has a unique approach when it comes to makeup tutorials. She provides viewers of all shades and complexions on the right makeup for them on an individual basis. She shows you things like how to pick the right foundation and how to compliment your lipstick with your eye shadow. It is a great way for makeup beginners to learn the basics.

Lisa Eldridge– Lisa Eldridge has quickly become one of the most highly regarded makeup artists today. She clearly knows what she is talking about when it comes to makeup since she has done celebrity makeup for stars like Billie Piper and Emma Watson. Lisa has a sweet personality and explains her tutorials in great detail. She is a mother first and a makeup artist second.

Katie– Katie is the guru behind Beauty and the Boutique. Her YouTube channel is full of tips, tidbits and tricks to show you how to enhance your makeup. Katie provides tips that are easy to incorporate and work well with any makeup routine.

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