Tips for Winter Driving With Kids in the Car

Tips For Winter Driving With Kids In The Car


The winter months are here so, with that said, it is time to revisit taking some extra precautions when driving in the winter, especially with your kids in the car.

Here are some tips for winter driving with kids in the car.


Tips For Winter Driving With Kids In The Car

Don’t wear bulky clothing

Yes, you and your kids need to stay warm when the temperatures drop outside.

When your child is in a car seat, bulky clothes actually can prevent the car seat from doing its job properly.

Bulky clothing may actually compress in the event of a car crash, causing the harness of the car seat to loosen.

Bulky winter clothing consists of things like coats and snowsuits.


Check your vehicle’s tailpipe

Before you get into your car during the winter months, be sure to check your car’s tailpipe.

During these months, your car’s tailpipe may get clogged with snow and since the tailpipe is a warm spot, critters like squirrels like to keep warm in there.

Having a clogged or blocked tailpipe can lead to carbon monoxide problems.


Be prepared for Mother Nature

Mother Nature is not always predictable, especially in the winter.

During winter be sure your vehicle has the necessary supplies in case your car breaks down in a snowstorm.

Keep an emergency diaper bag in the car stocked with essentials like extra clothing, blankets, bottled water, food, diapers and wipes.

Hopefully these items won’t be needed but it is always best to be prepared.


Be on the lookout for sleds

Kids and adults alike love sledding in the winter and they will do it anytime, anywhere, including in the streets.

When you are driving through a residential neighborhood in the winter, drive slower than the limit and watch carefully.

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