Tips for Moving Abroad

Taking the step to move abroad is an exciting journey and very brave so you should benefit from these wise tips for moving abroad.

You will experience some stress and are bound to be nervous, but that’s normal; moving abroad is a big step.

To try and reduce the stress, prepare as much as you can beforehand to make the move as simple as possible.

Although there will be some bumps in the road, we’ve put some steps together to help make it easier for you.

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Start to learn the language before you move

If you are moving to a country that speaks the same language, this isn’t something you need to worry about (eg moving between the US, UK and Australia.)

If they do speak a different language before you move, enrol in an online language course.

This will give you a stepping stone on learning a few phrases to help you get about and communicate in that country.

Once you are all settled in, you could consider signing up for a language course at one of their local schools to help you develop your knowledge and, over time, become more fluent in their language.

Research local communities in similar positions to you

Moving away from your friends and family can be scary, especially if the country you are travelling to is far away from them.

To help with this, make sure you regularly facetime and message them to stay in touch.

However, when in the country, to settle in, it’s worth knowing if there are any community groups you can join who are in a similar position to you.

This way, you can ease yourself in and not feel on your own.

Meeting new people who speak a different language can be very difficult, which is where a community group will help you most, and you will make new friends with who you can explore with.

Rent before buying

When moving abroad, you are moving to a new territory that, however much you prepare yourself, can throw obstacles your way.

Until you move, you don’t know what it’s like to live in the country, and although you hope to enjoy living there, you may not. 

A house rental will allow you the flexibility to move to different areas.

If you would like to experience different towns, you can simply give in your notice and move at the end.

If you purchase a property, you are stuck with that property until you can sell it and then move away.

You can always opt to rent for six months, settle in, and then look to purchase once you know you are happy in that area.

Remain flexible on your move

Before moving to a new country, there are a few steps you need to take, such as getting your visa approved and finding a job – all of which can take time.

This is why it is essential you are as flexible as possible when moving and don’t have a set deadline to move.

Obstacles can always get in the way, which may delay your move, so you don’t want to be set on a date only to be let down because your visa approval didn’t’ come through in time.

Save as much as you can

There are a lot of hidden costs that you may not have thought of when moving abroad.

This is why it is important you save as much as you can before moving over.

Once moved, you may not find a job instantly and need to live off your savings until you find one.

Plus, some properties may require you to pay six months upfront to rent if you haven’t got an income when you move over.

Some people will say that you should have at least two months worth of expenses saved in your bank account.

You will also want to research how their banks work and open a bank account in that countries origin.


Above are five points to help you get ready for your exciting move.

By being prepared, you can feel less stressed and be as ready as you can be by the time your move comes around.

Make sure you do your research beforehand as there are still many other things you should consider; we recommended going on the government’s website and checking if they have any requirements before your move.

If you are travelling with kids, here are some tips on staying fit.

Have you already moved, or are you planning on moving abroad?

What tips did you do to help your move go more smoothly?

Let us know in the comment box below.

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