Tips for Dads Embroiled in Child Custody Battles

Child custody battles are intense, difficult and can be quite messy for everyone involved with Dads Embroiled in Child Custody Battles.

They often result in a period of turbulence for your whole family, especially if issues like spousal abuse and divorce are also involved.

This is because you have to undergo a period of focused scrutiny by everyone around you, such as your attorneys, friends, relatives and more.

If you’re a dad who’s undergoing a custody battle, there are some things you need to know to ensure you can get your children and yourself through the difficult process.


Don’t Use the Kids

The first thing to remember is that your children shouldn’t be pawns in your custody battle.

You and your spouse are the ones who have decided to go through this and so your kids should be kept out of this as much as possible.

At all costs, keep your kids out of the courtroom so they don’t suffer any self-esteem or mental health illnesses down the line.

No kid wants to see their parents fighting in front of them, especially if they’re used through the whole process as bait.

At no point should you berate or insult your kids in a fit of misdirected anger.


Fill Up the Coffers

Start saving up for the custody battle because these cases can be super-pricey.

There’s not only the cost of lawyers and their fees but also other costs such as travel, documentation and other miscellaneous costs.

Lawyers will often work tens of hours in the week during the custody battle.

Start saving up from earlier on so you’re not caught in a bad financial position while the case is going on.


Try to Mediate

You never know what you can gain by asking for it nicely.

Try a softer approach during the battle through child custody mediation.

Very often, women and mothers can win a majority of child custody cases.

Try talking to your spouse and you might be able to sway the case to your side.

It will only help you if you come across as a peaceful mediator as opposed to a hostile spouse.


Keep Emotions in Check

Remember that the other party will always try to make you look bad so you have to be on your best behavior.

Your spouse will be able to make a much better case against you if you show anger or resentment.

It’s imperative that you keep your cool in the face of all custody battles.

A judge will always notice the emotional responses emanating from both spouses, so keep these in check.

As a dad navigating the stormy waters of a child custody battle, you will have to face more challenges than you would if you were a woman.

Just remember a few essential tips: keep your cool, save up and don’t let the kids get affected.


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