Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Time Saving Tips

Prior to having children, time was plentiful and even then I thought there were never enough hours in the day.  Now I daydream about having more hours in the day to simply get chores done. Looking back at my pre-mom self I simply laugh and shake my head. What was I thinking? I had all the time in the world and what did I do with it? My memory has faded a bit since giving birth to my daughter, so I can’t honestly answer that question, but I bet it had to do with sleep. 

As a mom who also works full-time, blogs, and strives to stay engaged with family and friends it can be challenging to squish all of life’s demands into a 24 hour day or a 7 day week.  

Some days I go to bed defeated left wondering if I got anything accomplished. What I have learned in my short time of being a mom is that preparation can make life easier and less stressful. I like to use Sundays as my days to relax and also my day to plan the week.  Below I share my time-saving tips for the busy mom. 

Time-Saving Tips for the Busy Mom

1.  Create a Days of the Week Calendar to consolidate your calendars and shopping lists

I created my calendar using tape, vinyl and a dry erase board. It’s easy to clean and hard to miss as we placed it in the laundry room where all my family members pass by on a daily basis. Before you get jealous that my family members are in my laundry room know that our laundry room and pantry are in the same space. 


2.  Plan your meals ahead of time
Given the fact that as humans we eat at least three times a day, cooking takes up a lot of time for moms. Why not double up your meals to have leftovers that you can serve later in the week? Freezer meal preparation also cuts time.

3. Get a daily planner that works for you 
Whether it’s a paper calendar or your iPhone, get a planner that you can carry on you for quick reference. I am a old school paper calendar kind of girl. I love Erin Condren planners because you can custom design them to your liking. I included a picture of my little one on the cover to make her feel close by when I was away at work. 

4. Seek out help
Delegate tasks to your spouse, partner, family member, or friend. Participate in swap out play dates where you and another mom switch places in watching the kids play while the other one gets errands done. Mother’s Day Out programs are great ways for your child to play for a few hours while you can have some “Mommy Me” time.  It truly does take a village…

5. Take advantage of applications or websites that make life more convenient
I use Cartwheel to store Target coupons on my phone, Evernote to jot down my to-do lists, and Mint for budgeting. 

6. Combine your workouts and playtime 
I put our jogging stroller to use to burn calories and play with my daughter at the park during my cool down. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.  Although, chasing a toddler at the playground could be a workout alone.  I’ve seen moms do baby yoga with their little ones. Whatever workout you choose, have fun together.

7. Hire a cleaning service 
I highly recommend this for moms who work outside the home full-time with little time to spare on their weekends and evenings. I know there is stigma around hiring a maid and women can feel like a failure for not being able to “do it all.” Let me tell you this, I finally broke down and now have someone deep clean our house once a month. I found that I was spending all my weekends cleaning and being stressed out. I was not focused on spending quality time with my daughter and family. Since hiring a cleaning service, I am happier and I get to spend more time playing and less time beating myself up. Do it and don’t look back if you can afford such a luxury. 

8. Enroll in automatic bill pay 
I was skeptical when my husband first suggested doing so, but I love the fact I don’t have to write out checks, spend money on stamps, and lick envelopes (Eew!). All my bills are located in one space and pay all of them with a click of a mouse. 

9. Set boundaries with yourself and with others.  
Social Media and Netflix binge watching is where I seem to waste most of my time. At times, I have to limit my time on such activities to focus on activities that really matter such as playing dress up with my daughter, walking my dog, or having a date night with my husband.  Also, re-evaluate who is in your life. Do you have high maintenance people in your life that suck the life and time out of you? Maybe it’s time to audit your the people in your life and on your Facebook feed.

10. Invest in Dry Shampoo
Because showering can be a luxury that few new moms get. For hair that is on the verge of being greasy and for moms that don’t have the time to take a full blown shower complete with a blow dry session, Dry ShampooTime-Saving Tips for Busy Moms is a dream come true! I wish I had used this when I was in the survival stages of having a newborn.  Your hair can make it one. more. day. Don’t use the dry shampoo too much or people may start to notice or smell you! Plus, showering is a good way for moms to get some alone time. 

Bonus – Think about getting a job where you can work from home and save on commuting. Our friends over at The Penny Hoarder told us about positions available at Apple. Apple at home advisors make between 9$ – 12$ an hour. For more information on the benefits and positions available check out the post on The Penny Hoarders website.

What are your time-saving tips for busy families or moms on the go? 

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