Things You Should Not Do on Your Trip to Vegas

Planning your first ever trip to Vegas?

We are sure you are very excited and must have read it all about the places to see, what and where to eat, and things to do.

We hope and believe that you must have also read some exciting ways to make the most of your first Vegas trip.

However, amidst all this excitement, madness, and preparation, one thing that you may have wholly forgotten is what NOT do in Vegas. 

We believe that before you go to any new place, it is always necessary to consider a faux pas.

You do not want to end up looking like a total jerk on your first-ever visit to a new place.

So, here we have come up with seven Things You Should Not Do on Your Trip to Vegas.  

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No, do not use the minibar

We know right, there is simply nothing fancier than opening the prized minibar and getting out those cute tiny little bottles of liquor or wine.

However, if you do pop open the bottle, you will realize that it is only half a drink or maybe only one drink, but nothing more than that.

It may seem all fun and games, and you may think of it as the ideal pregame before you hit a club or a casino in Vegas, but this fun will be fun only until you get your hotel’s bill.  

Regardless of the place you are staying, the prices in a hotel’s minibar will forever be astronomical, says Gregg, who offers pay for research paper services.

Just a small plain bottle of vodka can be $10 or even upwards, and that is certainly not any luxury brand.

The peanut that you had with your vodka at 4 AM to amplify your fun, well, which is nothing less than $15.

It can get outrageously expensive when you begin looking at the alcohol. 

In Vegas, while you are on the casino floor gambling, drinks are absolutely free.

So, when you can get something at a price equivalent to just the cocktail server’s tip, why would you want to shell out some extra money for it? 

So, what can you do instead?

If you ever plan to drink in your hotel room, get your minibar with you.

You will thank us later when you compare the cost of the two.

Vegas, in itself, is quite expensive.

You cannot add to the price by drinking and eating off your minibar. 

Never save money by staying off the Vegas strip

A big mistake that many first-timers make while visiting Vegas for the first time is thinking that they will save themselves some money by staying off the incredibly famous Las Vegas Strip.

So, now let us give you a quick disclaimer.

If you are inexperienced, you will probably spend a lot more money while staying off the Strip, and despite that, you will rob yourself of the complete Vegas experience.

Booking a hotel or a casino or maybe a combination of the two that is not on the Las Vegas Strip will fetch you only a poor experience, says Jacob, who is the head of nursing assignment help and took a Vegas trip last year.

Of course, the hotel rooms are easy on the pocket, but let us say you will only get what you pay for. 

When you are traveling to Sin City for the first time, you need to allow yourself to have the best possible experience.

So, the only way to do that is by staying as close to the Strip as possible.  

Now, there is one more thing that goes utterly wrong here.

When you stay at properties far away from the Strip, you will end up spending a lot of money on transportation every time you want to get to the Strip because all the cool things are on the Strip.

Even if you choose to drive, you still have to bear the gas and parking expense.

However, if you are using some rideshare company’s services, you will have to shell out money every time you have to head to the Strip.

You cannot even imagine how costly that can end up being.

Whatever you planned to save by staying away from Strip is not worth it. 

Finally, if you intend to travel to the Strip, get a hotel, and stay there. You might not know, but you can get a good package on the hotel room if you stay at the casino property itself.  

So, what can you do instead?

See, let us face it, you will never end up saving much if you stay at a hotel, which is not close to or on the Strip.

People come to Vegas strictly for the experience. So, you can instead opt for an affordable property, but on the Strip. 

Never shop for anything from the street vendors on the Las Vegas Strip

To tell you the truth, there are so many street vendors in Vegas.

Most of them have assembled on the Strip probably because that is where the tourists mostly are.

Usually, in every other city, it is advised to shop from the local vendors, but that never holds for Vegas.

It is just fine to be reluctant about bottled mineral water.

However, before you buy the tickets to some show, know that there is a good possibility that it is all a sham.

Eighty percent or more of the things sold in Vegas is not what you may expect, says Joe, who offers the assignment help Brisbane service.

Vegas, unfortunately, can be predatory for all first-time, innocent visitors. 

So, what can you do instead?

Always remember whatever you need is only a short walk away.

You can find anything between the casinos or the attractions.

Almost every establishment has a restaurant, convenience store, or kiosk. 

Do not Jaywalk

It is almost common sense that you should not jaywalk as Jaywalk is illegal in virtually every American city, says Sophie, who works with EduWorldUSA. 

More so, it is perilous to jaywalk.

There is a 58% higher chance that you may land up in the hospital if you cross the streets in Las Vegas without a crosswalk.

If death does not scare you from using a crosswalk or crossing against the light, bear in mind that the PD is always on the lookout.

This is their biggest pet peeve.

So, if you are caught, you will have to pay a fine of $350.

So, what can you do instead?

Simple, do not jaywalk.

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