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TalkTo App

Cat and I run TOTS together and generally we like to do all of our ‘talking’ online and through Facebook chat. Recently we needed to talk on the phone and our converstation went a little like this:

Me: Hey! How are you? 

Cat: Good just getting the boys ready for…

Me: talking to my daughter Can you stop that — what are you doing?! — Get that out of your mouth. 

Me: talking to Cat Sorry what were you saying? in background daughter notices I am on the phone and starts screaming- hi, hiii. HIIIIII!!!!

It is nearly impossible for me to speak to another human while my daughter is around. A 3-minute conversation either does not happen or takes forever.

Now imagine if I was trying to book a doctor’s appointment or calling a restaurant to book a date with the hubby – well it is nearly impossible.

I wish every business would have email or text-messaging options. 

Thank goodness for TalkTo. 

TalkTo is an app which allows you to text any business in the USA or Canada and will get you a response. It is that easy. Do not worry if the business does not have a mobile account because TalkTo will even call the business  if they need to to get the answer of your question/book your appointment/whatever. 

How awesome is that?! Spoiler: according to their website: TalkTo now comes with 600 pounds of awesome sauce. So the answer is 600 pounds of awesome.

TalkTo – text any business from TalkTo App on Vimeo.
The TalkTo app is available for Apple and Android devices. 

Psst… It’s also free!

Head on over to TalkTo and let us know in the comments what business you contacted with a question using the app. By letting us know you will be entered into a draw to win a $25 Visa giftcard. 

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