Take a Minute To Pause

Just the other night I woke up at 5am for no apparent reason. Do you think I could fall back asleep? Nope I was WIDE awake. There was no reason to be up. None of the little ones were making any noise. The dog was asleep, my boyfriend was asleep. There wasn’t even any outside noise. So again – no reason to be awake – but there I was wide awake. Normally this would irritate me. My alarm does not go off until 6:30am there is 1.5 hours of precious sleep that I should be having right now. That didn’t seem to bother me this time. For a few minutes I found myself just laying there. Not really thinking of anything, just enjoying the quiet. We choose to bed share with our youngest. I was able to watch him sleep and see him all peaceful. Normally the only time he sits still long enough for me to watch him peaceful, he’s eating, and even then he’s not so still.

What did this make me realize? We all, myself included, need to take a minute to hit pause. Sure our lives our busy. It seems like we are always running from one thing to the next. Half the time I can barely remember when the last time I went to the bathroom. But you know what – this time goes by quickly. My youngest turned 1 last month. He will be our last. My twins are 7.5 and getting excited for their first week at an overnight camp this summer. Our oldest boy is talking about moving to another country this winter. Before we know it everything changes. So take that time. Hit pause. Even if it is only for a moment. And truly enjoy that moment. I spent a lot of years looking back on the things we have done, and yes I enjoyed them, but it is so much nicer to realize I’m enjoying it in the moment.

So next time you can’t fall back to sleep maybe you can enjoy the quiet. Or the next time your child wants to read a book – take the minute to sit with them and see how their skills are changing. Maybe it’s enjoying your morning coffee while watching your children interacting. Realizing at that moment they are interacting like ‘civilized people’ not ‘rambunctious animals’. (Although with five little ones in our house we don’t catch the ‘civilized people’ moments as much as we catch the ‘rambunctious animals’. I have often thought of what the world must look like through our children’s eyes. Take the moment to hit pause and actually look at it. Trust me – in the long run you end up happier and more refreshed! 

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