Staying Fit and Healthy With a New Baby

A baby brings with them two major changes to your life.

Firstly, you’ll uncover a whole new realm of love.

Second, you’ll start putting this little bub’s interests before your own, at every opportunity.

It can be tricky for us new moms to find the time to be good to ourselves, but taking care of your own needs will only make you a stronger pillar of support for those who love you.

If you’re looking to get back to grips with your personal health and fitness after a new baby, follow this quick guide on staying fit and healthy with a new baby.


Staying Fit and Healthy With a New Baby


Daily Strolls (with a pram!)

Sourcing quality prams online is easier than you might think, especially when you have a clear understanding of the features you’d like to be using.

Hooded prams are recommended for extra sun protection, and prams with flexible and abundant storage options – for toys, food, water, and the like – are also going to prove themselves to be an invaluable asset.

And although it may not be as fast-paced as your pre-baby workouts, strolling with your new baby is an important first step back into the outside world, as it will allow you to settle back into being physically active after months of pregnancy.

It’s no surprise that being pregnant will do quite a number on your body, and that even 3-4 months after giving birth, your body will still be healing.

For this reason, it’s recommended that the first physical activity you do is brisk walks, once or twice daily at around the same time and for the same period of time.

Take however long you need to feel comfortable with this first step, aiming to walk for around a half an hour every day.

You’ll find that these daily strolls will not only help you feel younger and fitter in no time at all, but it will also allow your new baby to socialise and interact with their wider world. It’s a win-win.


Get social!

Let’s face it.

Your baby’s not the only one who’ll be wonderstruck with the wider world.

Being a new mom can be immensely isolating, and sometimes you can genuinely feel stir-crazy sitting indoors all day long.

It will definitely be a step in the right direction for you to join some classes or maybe even some clubs, and start making exercise a social appointment.

Not only will you feel compelled to master your post-pregnancy workouts and share all your little victories with a community of new mothers, veteran mothers, and mothers-to-be, but by exercising with friends, you’ll also have the added bonus of releasing endorphins with people who would love to see your joy!

And you don’t necessarily need to find a sitter for this either.

Even if you’re just at home lifting dumbbells, exercising with a friend who’s at a similar fitness level to you can also be a really fantastic way to motivate one another to reach even greater heights when it comes to your physical health and wellbeing.


10 Super Quick and Healthy Dinners for Busy Moms

Sustainable sustenance

You’ll be happy to hear that this last tip is all about clean eating rather than adding to your growing fitness routine.

The positive impacts that you’ll experience by simply eating healthy wholefoods cannot be understated.

Eating a balanced diet with plenty of protein and fluids and minimal foods with high sugar or fat intakes will allow you to feel happier and stronger in your own body.

This can also ensure that you provide your children with their own clean eating habits, as well as a firm understanding of the benefits of eating nutritious foods.

Developing these healthy eating habits now will undoubtedly set you and your family up for a lifetime of good times.


Being a new mom does not naturally equate to putting others before yourself.

In fact, most veteran mothers would argue the complete opposite!

Just remember that you are the life force of your family. 

So, you owe it to yourself to practice self-care so that you can provide your loved ones with something that all mothers strive to give their children: a template for happy and healthy living.

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