When Your Star Pupil Loses Their Shine. How Simple Changes To Their Routine Can Make a Big Difference.

My oldest daughter is was a star pupil. Then a few weeks after 1st Grade began my star pupil began to loose her shine. From the day she started Kindergarten her enthusiasm for school has been something that has amazed both myself and her teachers. Homework and projects were fun for both of us and when it came to reading time we shared it with her sister and brother making it a part of our nightly routine. This was a little girl who counted the days for the weekend to end so she could go back to school.

Then came 1st grade. Suddenly my star pupil was asking me if today was really a school day and if she could just stay home. I was in shock. Was it the teacher? A bully at school? Where was my star student? I began to do what any concerned parent would do. I started my line of questioning. Why didn’t she want to go to school? Did she like her new teacher? Was there someone at school bothering her?

No. She didn’t know why she didn’t want to go anymore she just didn’t feel like it. She loved her new teacher, she was fun and gave her hugs. Her new friends were really nice and she was glad to see her old friends. All she knew was she didn’t  want to go, she just wanted to stay home. Yet, by the time I would pick this same little girl up from school there would be nothing but smiles and stories of her adventures that day. So why the morning struggles and negotiations. Wait. Could that be it? Could it really be that simple?

Let’s face it Mommas don’t always know everything. I had an idea what may be causing my daughter’s sudden change but I needed a second opinion. So, I spoke with her teacher, she’d noticed my daughter’s change and it was often during morning time.  She was grumpy, irritable and simply did not want to be bothered. Then around 10 am the friendly chatty sociable and attentive student would reappear.

How many parents know sometimes we look so hard for the problem we miss the obvious. My star pupil hadn’t lost her shine after all, she simply wasn’t a ‘morning person’. Aren’t there plenty of us as adults who can’t get started until after a certain time of the day? Why should a child be any different than an adult? Now I needed a solution.

Here’s how I changed our routines just a bit to help bring the ‘shine’ back to my star pupil…

Go to bed 30 minutes earlier to get a better night’s sleep

Wake up 15 minutes earlier to give her more time to get ready

  • not feeling rushed in the morning can take away some of her stress
  • gives her time to shake her morning blues

Play a bit of ‘cheerful’ music as she gets ready

  • you’d be surprise how it actually helped her mood and attitude

Within a few days of making these slight changes to our routine and schedules I was able to welcome back my Star Pupil. Instead of the daily morning requests to stay home she was once again excited and ready to learn. Once given the time to wake up the change was amazing.

Do you have a grumpy morning child?

What have you done to help them get past their early morning blues?

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