Spring Trends Translated

I want to bring the runway your way full of Spring Trends Translated.

Many people don’t bother much with watching runway shows anymore.

It all looks so… so.. uncomfortable? Maybe that’s the word.

Or is it overstated? Bizarre? Unflattering?

The list goes on, and I’m sure you may have some adjectives of your own to add.

But here’s the deal- like it or not, this is setting the stage for what’s available from retailers near you.

And it’s arriving as we speak, flooding the sales floors of all your favorite spots to drop a dime.

I’m here to act as a medium. An interpreter of sorts. I found a “… Top 14 Trends From Spring Fashion Week” slideshow article from The Cut.

My goal is to turn their runway jargon into something you can take home and make your own. Let’s get started!



Ortho shoes provide support and make your feet feel betterI must admit we started this one off on a toughie. At first glance I thought it was hopeless! But I think I pulled through, and managed to find a sandal that I could totally rock for the spring. Here they are:





ChiffonFollow up a toughie with something so obvious (to me at least). I love, own, and wear a lot of chiffon tops. It’s one of the easiest ways to dress up denim, it’s cool in the summer, and it’s usually very form flattering because of the way it falls. Now I just need to apply that in my search for skirts, and I found a gem:


Crop Tops:


CropYeah, okay, okay. I hear ya. Crop tops? Been there, never going back again. I’m with you (really I am) but I did find a way to make it workable. Check out these two cropped tops that can be worn with a high waist to avoid any bare skin, and this dress as an alternative too:


Crop Collage

Dressy Pants:


PantsI feel like this one is more about a state of mind than a particular pant. It embodies a style that I have tried to emulate, and I fall short more often than not. It’s grace, elegance and comfort rolled into one, and boy is it a tough one to pull off! Here’s a pair I found that are quite wearable and look gorgeous to boot:



Earthy (my personal fave!):


EarthyThis is  a style that is so timeless. For me, it coincides quite often with spring and summer, as it brings to mind safaris and exploring (not that I’ve ever done either, but I do enjoy the inspiring effect they have on fashion). Here’s a dress I would nab in a heartbeat: 





FringeYou know what else starts with F? Fun! That’s right, be it on a purse, a vest or an embellished tee, there’s a way for everyone to take home some fringe this season. I decided to feature a top from Forever 21’s plus section, since my local F21 will start carrying “+” this month. Can you tell I’m excited?



Wide Flowing Pants:


Big PantsThis is one style that I’m totally willing to dive into a second time in my life. I believe it was when I first wore this style of pant (which we called palazzo pants) that I was becoming interested in fashion. I remember thinking to myself that I couldn’t imagine them ever going out of style because they’re so comfortable. So without further adieu, updated for the current decade:


Big Pants2



PleatsI can get on board with pleats, so long as they’re not on men’s khakis! Here’s a beautiful shirt dress with pleats top and bottom:



Lilac (among other pastels):


LilacIf there had to be a pastel, I’m glad it’s lilac. It’s about the only pastel I can pull off. I found a cute dress that would work for summer weddings, or dinners out. Pair it with a denim jacket to dress it down for a day of shopping:





 MetallicIn order to make this trend more wearable, I opted for an accessory rather than clothing. I’m also in the market to replace a pair similar to this which I got a tonne of wear out of last summer. So there you have it, ulterior motive and all:



Sheer Dresses:


SheerThis is about as racy as I could get while still thinking, “Heck yeah, I’d rock that!” It may not be a dress, but it’s sheer and layered and flowing:





RuffleThis is a throwback to my working days. I love ruffles and I love pencil skirts (both of which I rarely have the opportunity to wear anymore). Maybe I need some more ladies nights out? If I plan on it, I would look for something like this:





SheathThere’s a fine line here, and I think I’ve managed not avoid crossing over into something that looks too much like jammies for your average gal to wear out. Simple, beautiful, and silky:



Statement Wear:


StatementI find this one somewhat personal, and I’m sure you can guess why. I’m not going to tell you what statement to wear, but here’s an option that supports a cause and looks cozy too:


Statement2There you have it ladies. Take the runway home this spring and summer with affordable and flattering alternatives to high fashion items. Because fashion should be accessible, fun and inspired. 

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