Shop This Holiday Season With Sears Canada

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Do you want to know one of my favourite places to shop? Sears! If you didn’t know, Sears Canada has been hard at work revamping things. Perfect timing as the holidays are just around the corner. It is a new and improved experience when you shop at one of my favourite stores – Sears. If you live in the Southwest Ontario area (like me), you are going to be thrilled because there are 4 new concept stores going in this area.

Shop This Holiday Season With Sears Canada

Shop This Holiday Season With Sears Canada

Amazing Products

You are going to want to shop at these new stores because that means you’ll be able to get your hands on amazing products from Sears. That is why I shop there.  As you walk through the new Sears stores, you will also notice a renewed focus on a customer friendly experience. 

Easy to Navigate

When you walk into a new Sears store, you will be able to navigate your way through it easily. There is nothing better than being able to know exactly where you’re going. There are some days that I just need to get in a store and get out and Sears makes that possible. With wide, runway like aisles, there is plenty of room for a stroller too. 

Cleanliness of the Store

With having children, I’m extra thankful for the cleanliness as you walk through the new Sears stores. There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing clean, bright stores! When you have kids, this is a major perk. You want to know where they are standing is super clean. But let’s be honest. Kids are not always standing – they are also sitting and laying down in stores. With polished concrete floors you do not need to worry about what they might be touching. 

Focus on the Brands

Finally, one of my favorite parts of the new Sears stores are the brands. There are new fashion lines that I’m super excited about. Not to mention, as you walk through the stores, you will see an increase of mannequins to help you see the new styles available. Some of the new lines of clothing include Tom Tailor and Jacqueline de Yonge! Both are lines that I look forward to being able to access easily.

Great Quality at Great Prices

Are you looking to spend your money wisely? Shopping at Sears is the place to go. You can get great quality items at great prices. Of course, the only way to know this is to go visit one of the Sears stores for yourself!

Do you plan on visiting one of the new Sears stores soon? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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