See how easy you can add a Gorgeous Ombre effect to your walls

The best way to dress the walls is to hang art – so see how easy you can add a Gorgeous Ombre effect to your walls.

Art is actually the best way to transform a plain wall into a very beautiful room.

But the current subtle Ombre techniques can automatically add a Gorgeous Ombre effect to your walls in no time.

In this brief, I want to share all the details on how to add gorgeous Ombre effect to the wall.

Some people might choose to use removable wallpaper for the same effects.

The only tricky part of such a project is to pick a color and the neighboring shades.

removable wall paper - See how easy you can add a Gorgeous Ombre effect to your walls

What you need:

  • Paint Tape
  • Drop cloth
  • 3-5 paint colors
  • A regular paint brush
  • Blending paint Brush

Step by step guide

Select the Ombre Wall colors

This is the first step and I recommend choosing shades of paint in the same family.

Though, they should all vary in degree of darkness and the intensity.

You can pick three to five colors.

The number of colors to choose will depend on the height of the walls and your specific interests.

Consider the Baseboards

Most people usually tape off the baseboards and paint them white.

But if you want the baseboards to blend into the walls, you can paint the bottom or base color.

The recommendation is to tape the base color and wait until you finish painting the walls.

You can now decide what to do with it if you are already having troubles deciding.


You now have to tape off and cover the surfaces.

This is to protect the surrounding from paint because the whole process can be a little bit messier than regular projects.

Plan the sections

The goal in this case is to paint different sections of the paint with different colors.

You should start with the darkest at the bottom and get lighter as you get up.

Despite painting, there are a couple of other alternatives such as using ombre peel and stick wallpaper.

In our case today, we’re using paints and for that reason, you should divide the wall into even sections.

You don’t have to make it exact.  

Each of the sections will be painted leaving the space between them.

Use Rollers to paint the first two solid sections

You are definitely starting from the bottom of the wall in a section that is 2-3 feet wide.

Use rollers to paint the bottom two sections with the darkest colors.

Use rollers to paint each color and eventually paint a similar small section of wall.

Time to blend the first two colors together

The paint is still wet, so, use a large wide bristle brush to blend the two colors together.

Use hash strokes and try to keep them uneven and haphazard.

This is to ensure that the blending takes an abstract look.

Repeat the above until all the colors are completed

Proceed to the third color working in the same matter.

Make sure that the colors are completed.

If the paint dries in one section as you paint, add a small bit of spray or water.

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