Seasonal Driving Tips

Seasonal Driving Tips

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I am a pretty good driver – most of the time. I can be overly cautious when it comes to driving particularly in the big city.
It is good to be reminded of good driving practices. I cannot be the only one who slips into bad habits every once and awhile.


Seasonal Driving Tips

Thank goodness Insurance Hunter provided me with these great seasonal driving  tips I am sharing with you (Insurance Hunter also provides auto insurance if you are looking.)

Winter Preparation is Key

In order to be an awesome winter driver you need to be prepared. Winter tires are a must have for icy road conditions. In order to get the most of out of your tires make sure you put them on your car BEFORE it snows. Want more winter driving tips? Check out this article on Preparing Your Vehicle for the Winter Starts in the Fall.

Hands and Eyes On the Road

I cannot be the only one who multi-tasks. Multi-tasking can be a great way to get things done. Right now I am writing, watching my daughter and getting dinner ready. However, multi-tasking should never, ever happen when you are driving. Cell phones go everywhere with us but texting (or surfing or chatting) while driving is dangerous. Want to know more about how our cell phone affects driving? Check out this article Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Not on Your Phone.

Stay Off The Road

There are a few days of the year where it is just safer to stay off the road. Halloween night is one of them. With kids running around the chances of getting into an accident are greater. Sometimes the best decision is just to stay off the roads completely. For tips on how to drive on these ‘trick’y nights check out this article Avoid Scary Driving on Halloween.

Following the Leader Can Be a Good Thing

I have never been in a car accident (knock on wood) but I have been very, very close to being in one. Just a few months back I was driving into the city and was driving along the highway. There was a large vehicle who was not paying attention and almost merged right into my car. Did you know it is safest to merge if you are already going the speed of traffic and not accelerating or driving slower. There are some great tips in the article Freeway Merging Takes More Skill Than Most People Think.

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