How To Save More Money – 6 Easy Tricks and Tips

How To Save More Money 6 Easy Tricks and Tips

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Saving money is not something we think as easy, but you would be surprised how easy it 
actually is. Here are a few ideas and tips I have used to help my family save more money.                                                              

Coupons - Some will argue that couponing takes up to much time and energy but you can save 
thousands through out the year with as little as an hour per week. Let's say you saved $20. on 
your groceries with coupons look at it like this you just made $20. back in your pocket for the 
hour of your time. 

Stockpile - When something is at its rock bottom price but a few extra. Sale cycles run the 
same every 8 weeks approximately - grab enough to last you that long. You do not need to 
buy more than that since the sale will run again soon.

Shop Special Occasions All Year Around - By creating a gift closet you will not panic 
for big events such as Christmas or Birthdays. By buying things all year you can take 
advantage of the end of season sales and save those items for those special occasions. 

Shop End of Season Sales - This is a HUGE money saver for me especially for my kids 
clothes. When those end of the season items get to 75% off I stock up on items that they will 
need for next year. You can do this during each holiday too. Once you see those prices 
dropping you can get some awesome deals on decorations for next year. 

Use a Budget - Once you figure out what your household needs it is easier to figure out 
where your money goes. You may not know you are throwing away money until you plan a 
budget and see. For example do you really need to buy that coffee every morning when you 
can make it at home? Just buy saving that few dollars can make a huge impact on your savings.

Pay Cash and Save Those Coins - Paying in cash lessens the temptation to spend more. 
Plus when you pay in cash you can save the coins or even the one dollar bills you get back in 
change. They add up fast to use for a rainy day or to pay down debt.

There are so many ways to save more money you just have to adjust a few habits here and there.
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