‘Safe’ Shows to Watch When you are Home Alone

‘Safe’ Shows to Watch When you are Home Alone

I am working very late tonight so my mom has offered to take my daughter and dog for a sleep over. My husband is out of town so that means I will be home alone – completely alone.

I have not had a night alone without my husband, dog or baby in over 6 years.

I’m terrified. maybe a slight exaggeration.

We recently moved into a century old farmhouse which may or may not be haunted. I am not used to the noises and quite frankly I always think I am hearing odd noises. The floor boards creak when no one is walking on them and I am just not used to it yet.

I love shows that verge on the slightly scary, supernatural side – Supernatural, Charmed, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Witches of East End and Firefly. This list may not seem all that scary but I’m a wimp. I even used to make my dog watch Ghost Whisperer with me.

Since I will not be watching any of my go to shows when I am home alone I have made a list of ‘safe’ shows to watch.

House Hunters – Or any of the Love it or List It home shows. Guessing which house someone will choose or if they will stay or move will keep my mind off any noises.

Sister Wives – Or any other reality show on TLC. Lot’s of feel good moments and other people’s drama.

Disney – Anything Disney is on my safe list. Bonus points if it is a movie from my childhood like Little Mermaid or The Lion King.

Big Bang Theory – Or other sitcom’s such as reruns Friends or The New Girl. Who has time to be scared when you are busy laughing.

There you have. My list for shows to watch when you are home alone. Do you get scared by your favourite movies or tv shows?

Any other suggestion on ‘safe’ shows to watch?

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