How To Revive Play-Doh For Free

Learn How To Revive Play-DohIs your play-doh all hard and dried out? Learn how to revive your play-doh for free.

My three-year-old daughter was gifted Play-Doh for the first time at Christmas.

It was her favourite gift of the holidays.

She made shapes, fake cookies and cupcakes, ice cream and every other imaginative thing she could think of out of the stuff.

Two days later, she started complaining that it was, according to her “broken.”

That is to say she didn’t put it back in the jars she received it in and it dried out.

Realizing she had just wasted $15-20 of this gooey goodness, I knew something had to give. There had to be a way to fix it. I couldn’t bring myself to waste it and throw it out.

So I took a small selection of pieces and did an experiment.

I took a few of the more crusty dried out pieces and placed them in a airtight container along with a few tablespoons of water, hoping the Play-Doh would absorb the water.

I let the mixture sit overnight and voila, in about 10 hours, the Play-Doh was back to normal, if not slightly over wet.

But my daughter didn’t mind that.

After my first success, I tried a second batch with the rest of the dried out pieces, even the crumbs that had accumulated on her play table.

It worked just as well the second time too, though now she has been left with what I call rainbow Play-Doh as all the colours are mixed together.

It is a simple strategy but quite effective. The way I see it, there is no downside. If you put in too much water, open up your container in the morning and let it evaporate out, thus starting to dry out again. Reseal the container when you feel it is ready to use.

If it is still too dry, add more water until it regains its normal consistency.

I really hate the idea of wasting money so I’m glad I thought of trying this before I bought her more Play-Doh.

Because we use a well for our water, this fix literally didn’t even cost me a penny.

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