Puppy Pad Hacks

Puppy Pad Hacks aka pee pads: they’re not just for puppies anymore.

The square, absorbent pads you try and use to prevent accidents when house training your pups have a million other uses. Well, at least three I have personally used.

Puppy Pad Hacks

When we were potty training baby girl, we used a training pad under her car seat. This protected the upholstery of the vehicles rather than have them get saturated when she was learning. She is three and half now and we still have them under her seats. They also collect spilled drinks and food she has dropped. So far so good on protecting the vehicle.

In that same vein, being three and a half and a deep sleeper, every few months, she has a nighttime accident. After the most recent one, we wised up and placed a couple pads under her sheets but over her mattress protector which will make cleanup a lot easier if there is a next time.

In the #totsreno house, we installed a laminate “floating” floor in the kitchen. Laminate floor doesn’t really like being wet all the time. But this is also where the dog eats and drinks. And, my dog is a dripper when she drinks. She likes to hoover next to the drinking bowl and drip puddles.

I tried a pad there too, stick out from under the plastic tray we bought to protect the floor and it has really helped minimize the damage.

There you have it. Three ways to use the pads you may have stored in the closet after you got little Rascal, Spot or Tank house trained.

Do you have other puppy pad hacks to share? Leave a comment below.

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