Preventing Summer Slide

Kids love summer vacation so much! No more school or homework, but there does tend to be a summer slide. A summer slide is when you kids lose some of the achievement gains they made during the previous school year.

Which they end up having to relearn, regain again when school starts. But what can you do about preventing summer slide?

Preventing Summer Slide

Did you know that children can lose up to 2 months of reading during the summer?

Preventing Summer Slide


We love our libraries, the only type of protest I have taken part in was a peaceful sit in in protest of losing out public libraries in Saskatchewan. We still have our library for now anyways… but one of the things I love is that they offer a Summer Reading Programs for all children.

Enrolling your child even in a once a week program that encourages reading will make a difference.

Taking your child to a library and encouraging them to read/check out books will make a difference.

Reading Programs

There are other places, besides libraries that have reading programs for children, check your local book stores. Google your area + summer reading programs to see what is offered near you.

Reading Time at Home

Make time for reading at home. Whether it is reading out loud to your child, them to you or siblings, or reading to themselves. Reading before bed is also a great way to get them to settle down after a day of playing.

Having books at home, and reading yourself encourages your child to pick up a book and read as well.

Go to the library and sign out a variety of books (do it early) before school is finished for the summer and get ready to start a routine.

What do you do for your children to prevent summer slide? Please comment below.

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