PomTree Stuck on Fun Pets Review

PomTree Stuck on Fun Pets Review

We recently had the opportunity to try the PomTree Stuck on Fun Pets. Thanks to PomTree for providing us this opportunity. This was a great “moving” crafting activity, the my girls worked together and were able to create their owl with little help from me and then had a toy to play with and play together with. 
PomTree Stuck on Fun Pets

Mommy & Baby Owl Pom Pals Kit

“Stuck on Fun” because everything has a sticky backing that kids as young as 3 can unpeel and then stick. Though we did find the the stickers were a little hard to get the backing removed without removing the stickiness from the piece.
PomTree Mommy & Baby Owl

Option to Customize

Children have the option to customize, creating their our unique owl or creature, or they can follow the pictures that are included in the packaging. Austin and Brookland both followed the pictures wanting to have their own Mommy and Baby Owls to play with together and to have for snuggles.
PomTree Mommy & Baby Owl

No Batteries or Electricity Required

All this is done without electronics, cords, batteries or keyboards. Best of all? There is nothing to clean up when play is done, throw the backing in the garbage and it’s done. Other creative activity fun can be found at PomTreeKids which features additional playsets, PomTree Pets, Activity Tubs and more. 
Two weeks later, moving, cuddles and a lot of play time, their owls are still holding up really well. 
PomTree Mommy & Baby Owl

You get your child can create and use their imagination too. PomTree products can be purchased at Consumer Crafts

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