Picking Bridesmaid Dresses When Your Ladies Are All Different Sizes.

 Picking Bridesmaid Dresses When Your Ladies Are All Different Sizes

My little sister is getting married. Apart from feeling majorly old I am now on the hunt for some awesome bridesmaid dresses. There is one slight problem. Well, not really a problem but a challenge. I am plus sized (size 22) and the other bridesmaids range from size 6-16. Plus our budget is tight. Under $200 per dress. 

If you have bridesmaids of all different sizes there are a few things to consider while dress shopping.


If some of your bridesmaids are *ahem* bigger on top straps are a must. You want to make sure all your bridesmaids are comfortable and strapless bras and large chests do not always mix.

Bridesmaids Dresses with Straps - Dressfirst.com


It’s all about the legs. Calves are smaller then thighs regardless of your size. If you are wanting your girls in a short dress choose knee or tea length and you cannot go wrong.


An a-line skirt silhouette is flattering on everyone. Choosing a mermaid type dress can be tricky and depending on your bridesmaid’s body type they may look pregnant in an empire waist gown.

Waist Details

Details or ruching at the smallest part of the waist will be flattering on every body type.

Bridesmaids Dress with Waist Details - Dressfirst.com

Your wedding day is all about what you and your partner want but it is important that your friends are comfortable. They are there celebrating your day and your love.

Do you have any more tips I might have missed?

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