On the road again: 4 ways to keep the kids happy during those long car journeys

You know what they say – happiness is seeing your kids happy. And we’re firm believers of that statement. However, when you’re travelling for hours in the car with the kids, it’s not always easy to hang on to that sentiment.

With the summer break almost here, many of us are looking forward to spending time with our families and heading off on a well earned holiday, either at home or abroad.

Although sadly, many parents actually dread travelling with their children, simply because they cannot console and comfort them like they would at home, and when you’re stuck in a traffic jam for hours or they’re simply inconsolable because they’re bored, it’s not easy.

It’s difficult, because when you’ve spent a small fortune on a family holiday – click here to find out more about investments and investment pieces – you want to be able to enjoy every second of it.

Afterall, you’ve earned it!

So, with all this in mind here are our top 4 ways to keep the kids happy during those long car journeys – good luck!



Snacks. If there is one piece of advice you take from this article – it is snacks that will save the day. Nothing is more desolate or terrifying than a small child with a rumble in their tummy. So, make sure you’re well prepared. We like to let the kids help pack their own lunch boxes to take on the journey. Sandwiches, a yoghurt, fruit, chips, and maybe something sweet if they’ve been good! Not only that, I always bring an extra bag full of goodies, to keep everyone going. Fruit, cereal bars, granola, crackers, rice cakes, breadsticks and even veggie sticks always go down well. And don’t forget the bottled water too!

An audio book

It’s not uncommon to get travel sick whilst you’re trying to read, and the same applies to your little ones. Kids enjoy being read to. So, why not let an audiobook indulge them? Download a couple (with your kids preferences in mind) before the journey and enjoy the silence from the backseat as the narrator begins. Bliss!

A family playlist

Listening to the radio hiss and buzz in between stations as you travel hundreds of miles in your car is no fun. If anything, it’s a little irritating. So, why not create a family playlist? Fill it with plenty of songs that everyone can sing along to. From classic pop and party songs, to music from the kids favourite films. It’ll certainly pass the time.

Activity packs

Putting together a little activity pack is a quick and easy way of helping the kids to entertain themselves. Get a small bag and fill it with a sticker book, some playdoh, colouring pages, crayons, small toys and puzzles. I sometimes find that the simplest things work the best. A plain pad of paper and a pen can keep them busy for hours. Ask them to draw what they can see out of the window, or what they’re looking forward to the most on holiday.

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