My Nightmare Finding Appropriate Childcare; Is Working Worth It?

My Nightmare Finding Appropriate Childcare has been a roller coaster ride in never expected.

My Nightmare Finding Appropriate Childcare; Is Going To Work Even Worth It?

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When I was about 6 months pregnant, I was laid off.

I was glad for the break though. 

It gave me a chance to focus and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

We were grateful and happy that we were able to make it work on one income too. 

I was able to stay home until my son was about 16 months old. At this point it was clear,

We needed me to return to work, at least part time. 

Fought it, kicking and screaming, because I wasn’t ready. 

I missed adult conversations, but other than that, saw no real benefit. 

Didn’t want to have to follow a schedule, and didn’t want to report to anyone. 

Most of all, I didn’t want to Leave my Son

Once I accepted my fate, I started the job hunt. 

There were so many jobs out there, and I sent out so many resumes. 

But I heard nothing. 

I was beginning to take it as a sign. 

Then I found the prefect job. 

8 min from home, 3 hours a day. 

The perfect transition back into the real world. 

But who would watch Peanut? 

I thought about daycare, but quickly realized over half the money I would make monthly would go to childcare, and that seemed silly. 

So I had family watch him, and this worked for awhile. 

As with most roommate situations, in the end it didn’t work out. 

My Nightmare Finding Appropriate Childcare has been a roller coaster ride in never expected.

So I was on the Job Hunt again

I questioned leaving my job to stay home with him, but I had truly found a job I loved and didn’t want to give that up. 

I talked to friends, other moms, hunted on the internet.  Found a baby sitter, not too far from home. 

She answered all the questions right, and the first week went great. 

And then she disappeared. 

Not as in ignoring phone calls, as in her stuff was gone and her mother was talking to the police. 

Apparently, she met a guy on the internet and took off with him. 


So now I am back to having no sitter, but luckily for me it was Winter Break, so I had my friend’s kids watch him.

Okay… one week covered, and back to interviewing more potential sitters.  

Several interviews and a home visit later, I thought I had my new sitter. 

She was going to be coming to my house starting on Monday. 

She was bringing her child, which was perfect. 

It was literally an extended play date every day. 

So I confirm with her on Sunday night that we would see her in the morning. 

Everything was Working out Perfect

And then she doesn’t show up. 

She didn’t answer phone calls or text messages. 

OMG I was officially freaking out. 

Really? does this stuff happen to anyone else?

I called my best friend and I called my boss. 

Finding Appropriate Childcare

With a little rearranging of schedules, I am happy to announce I was successful Finding Appropriate Childcare whom I truly trust.

Before I had Peanut I never thought the most difficult part of work would be Finding Appropriate Childcare

In all the movies, you hire someone and they are Mary freaking Poppins… I have to ask myself “Am I doing something wrong?

Do I just attract crazy?

Should I have used a nanny website?

Could I even afford it?”

In the end, I always come to the same conclusion “I did the best I could with what I was given and I never left peanut in a situation that I was uncomfortable with.”

I guess that’s main goal over all… leave your most prized possession, your life, reason, your everything with a complete stranger just so you can make a few bucks to support said possession.

Do you have a nightmare childcare story?

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