Must Visit Places In Canada

Must Visit Places In Canada

As some of you may know, we are a Canada-based blog.

The owners, are Canadian and live just north of Toronto in the City of Markham.

Our contributors, however, are mainly American. This leads to some interesting conversations.

My knowledge of American geography is good because we have traveled extensively through the USA. 

But it goes both ways. Some of our contributors have limited knowledge of Canadian geography.

We have contributors that have planned trips to Canada since working with us and I love sharing my Canadian knowledge with them.


Must Visit Places In Canada

Must Visit Places In Canada

I am excited to share some of these Must Visit Places In Canada with you.

Bon Echo 

I had the privilege of working and living here one summer. You have to see the 100 metre high Mazinaw Rock featuring over 260 Aboriginal pictographs.

Harrison Hot Springs

You have to see the hot mineral waters of Harrison Hot Springs, revered as the “healing place” by the local Sts’ailes First Nations for thousands of years.

They were first discovered by Europeans in the 1800s. 

Sleeping Giant

You must see the views of Lake Superior from the Top of the Giant trail.

Bay of Fundy

You must see both low and high tides. Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.


I admit PEI is a province and not really a specific place but since PEI is so small you can see the whole province in a day. (If you really wanted to.) You must see the red sand beaches.

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