Must Have Numbers in the Cell Phone for Parents

Must Have Cell Phone Numbers for Parents

Life is busy. Be prepared for any emergency by having these Must Have Numbers in the Cell Phone for Parents easily accessible.

Today most people have a cell phone on them. I got my first cell when I started driving at age 16. Main reason has always been in case of emergency. The reassurance that I can call for help if/when I need it. But if I can’t make the call, help is there but when they look through my cell for a person of contact, they don’t know who to call. What then?

A lot of cell phones have personal information including person to contact, blood type and such. But not all. 

Next to my husband’s name, in brackets I have HUSBAND. Easy to find. Make it easy for emergency/hospital workers to call someone for you.

Must have phone numbers to have in your cell phone:

Poison control
Local hospital emergency room
Non-emergency number for police, fire department, medical
Lock smith

Personal Phone numbers to have:

Family Doctors (yours, pediatrician, veterinarian)
Insurance Agent’s claim number
Local Utility Emergency Line: Gas, Water, Electricity
Dependable Repairmen: Plumber, Electrician, Appliance Repairman
Your children’s school number
Credit Card/Bank Phone number: in case you lose your purse
Alarm Company: if you have a security system on your home
Boss or Coworker

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