Motherhood is a Gift: A Challenge to Those Who Mother

Motherhood is a Gift - Thinking Outside the Sandbox FamilyMother’s Day is just around the corner and everyone is trying to find the perfect gift  to show their mom how much they love her. This will be my 7th mother’s day as a mom and 30th as having a mom and, while I truly appreciate the opportunity to show mothers everywhere how valuable they (we) are, I would like to challenge you to take a bit of a different approach this year.

Instead of just focusing on being appreciated for being a mom, take some time to focus on appreciating being a mom.

We often talk about the challenges of motherhood, even to the extent that people believe having children means you life is over, or that having pets is a comparable alternative to children. What those people don’t hear often enough is that having children doesn’t end your life. Rather, it begins a whole new chapter. Motherhood is a gift. Our children are a gift. Life gets a lot better when you learn how to enjoy your children.

My friend, Claire, talks about how motherhood is a blessing when she says, “These women are doing something amazing. They are shaping lives. They are changing the world.”

Think about that for a minute: You are changing the world.

For those of you who have had the privilege of carrying and birthing your children, you took part in one of the greatest miracles on earth. For those who became mothers through other methods, you were purposely selected for your child. In both cases, you have kids that are the perfect fit for your family. They were designed with you in mind as their mother. How cool is that?

A mother is the one with the kiss that magically heals boo-boos.
A mother is “home base” for a growing child and offers security to him.
A mother is the first true love of a child.

What an honor to hold that title.

While writing this post, I have been continually interrupted by little ones. I have been blessed to be interrupted by them. The smiles they bring to my face, the laughter they bring to my home, the love with which they fill my heart, that is what Mother’s Day is about. Remembering what a gift we have been given by our children. The jewelry, chocolates, and breakfasts in bed cannot compare to what they give us simply by being. This Mother’s Day, I challenge you to show your children, those that you have been given the privilege mother, how much you appreciate the gift of them simply being. Thank them for letting you fill one if the most amazing roles available.

Motherhood is a Gift - Thinking Outside the Sandbox Family
Every mother has a story. Made to Mother is a site dedicated to sharing those stories. I highly recommend reading some of them and becoming reconnected with your own story.
The Bitter Irony is a story to read on those days when you take mothering for granted. 
Every Woman Has a Mama Heart is for those who mother in ways that aren’t always recognized.

What do you think it the greatest part of being a mother?

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