Mama, Mama, Wanna Run? 8 Tips to Get Started with Running

Mama, Mama, Wanna Run? Tips to Get Started with Running

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Spring is finally here which means warm weather, sunshine and maybe a little rain here and there. Usually in April and May you see people outside a little more and more. Walking, yard work, riding their bikes and even running too! Running is a great activity to take up in the spring time.

How does one get started? What do I need? Here are a few tips on how to get started running:

Invest in good running sneakers. Don’t go buying the cheapest pair of walking sneakers if you plan on running. And don’t go buying the top of the line running shoes because they are the most expensive ones in the store, they might not be the right ones for you. Do a little research, visit a few stores and find out what is best for your feet. Have a sales person watch the way you walk/run, they should be able to tell you if you need specific sneakers. Everyone is different.

Appropriate running clothing. Again, you don’t need the top of the line running clothing. What you do need is clothing items that you can move easily in. Find something that is comfortable to move around in and that won’t constrict your movements. Long pants, Capri pants, tank tops, t-shirts, jacket, socks are some basics. You may want sunglasses or a ball cap to keep the sun off your face and head.  Think comfort.

Set Mini Goals.  If you’ve never run before don’t expect to run 5km on your first go. You need to build up your running distance or your time. Set a few mini goals such as: I want to run for one minute and walk for three; I want to run for 2 minutes and walk for 10. I want to be able to run 1km by the end of the month.

Once you’ve achieved those mini goals, reassess and set some new goals.

Find a friend to run with. Running with a friend can make the run go by faster, give you a chance to talk and catch up with each other. Plus, if you’ve agreed to meet your friend at a certain time they are counting on you to show up and you don’t want to let them down.  Be committed to your running buddy.

Swap babysitting with a buddy. Ask your neighbour or friend to watch your kids one night and then return the favour for their children another night. Free babysitting always helps. Or trade off with your partner; they run one night and you run the other night.

Find a running group. There are lots of running groups and learn to run programs available in your community. Do a little research and find out what programs they might offer. Make sure you understand what they will be doing. You don’t want to sign up for a “Learn to run 10k” if you just want to learn the basics of running.

Sign up for a local Fun Run! Find a local fun run to participate in with your running buddy. No timing, no stress, just an easy fun run to get out with other runners, build your confidence, achieve that mini goal you set and have fun doing so. A fun run should be FUN!

Me time. Taking time for yourself is important, we don’t do this enough! There are many times I feel guilty that I have taken time to run and that I’m not with my daughters. However, I am also teaching them to value themselves, take pride in their passions and that living a active and healthy lifestyle is important to me. I want them to see that I invest in my health and a better me.

Being active is good for you. Walking, running, swimming, biking, you name it and your body will benefit from being active.

What’s your favourite way to be active in spring?

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