Making Bath Time Fun for Your Toddler

If you’re the lucky type of parents, your kids love bath time and are happy playing with an old cup; you don’t need to work hard at making bath time fun for your Toddler.


If you’re the lucky type of parents, your kids love bath time and are happy playing with an old cup; you don't need to work hard at making bath time fun for your Toddler.


Not all parents are that fortunate when taking care of your Baby’s Hygiene.

Sometimes getting my kids into the bathtub can feel like a nightmare.

I’ve tried several things in the past to try and keep my kids entertained in the tub, but haven’t been successful until recently.


Making Bath Time Fun For Your Toddler

There are some really cool features on the New Tubby Table.

The Tubby Table is new and improved.

Instead of just one activity area, there are three:

  • A new water wheel attaches on the same section in which children can also build using their preschool building blocks.
  • Four numbered, colored and shaped cups are smaller for those toddler fingers to grasp and then fill and pour water.
  • The middle section is now a free play area OR parents can purchase the Tubby Buddies, activity mats that fit into this section.
  • The Tubby Buddys are sold separately and include a play mat and toys. 

I love that there’s a suction cup to hold down the table as the kiddos play with it!

This is way better than the goofy White Hot Bath Duck I bought.

The leg is also adjustable to match the height of the kids playing with the New Tubby Table.

This picture is with a 3.5 year old playing with it, but it can easily adjust for the baby as well.


Introducing the New Tubby Table

Tubby Buddys Little Racer Activity Mat & Toys

Oh my word, if your little one has ever struggled to get in the tub before, they will have a ball with this Little Racer toy from Tubby Table.

I love that this toy can also be taken in and out of the tub.

And trust me that happens around our house.

A fun little extra to this tub toy is that the kids can wash their cars under the water wheel.

This is the one we got to try and we love it!


Tubby Table bath time play table



Options Available

If your little buddy isn’t quite into race cars, there are several other tubby buddies available.

You can try the Tubby Buddy Zoo Safari Activity Mat & Toys and the Tubby Buddy Wet & Sketch Activity Mat & Toys.

Both are great toys are perfect for working on your little one’s fine motor skills.

Every time a child plays, it’s a great opportunity to teach them something.

This new toy entertains kids and helps to develop their fine motor skills!

I encourage you to check it out, Christmas is right around the corner.


How do you keep your Toddler entertained in the bath? Please comment below.

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