Make School Mornings Run Smoother

Make School Mornings Run Smoother

Having your school mornings run smoother is essential for feeling less stressed. Getting into a new back to school routine can be tough for parents and kids. It’s back to rushed mornings and trying to get all the kids dressed, fed and on their way to school can be overwhelming. 

To make school mornings run smoother, it starts with the night before.

By doing a little prepping the night before can work wonders for those chaotic mornings. You will save time and feel less stressed trying to get everyone to school on time.

5 Tips To Make School Mornings Run Smoother

Pick out clothes the night before.

Me and my kids always pick out what we are going to wear for the next day. This allows kids to pick their own outfits without wasting a bunch of time in the morning. I also ask them to even put their shoes by the door after they picked out their clothes. The last thing I need is a hunt for a missing shoe as we are about to leave.

Pack kids lunches the night before.

If your kids bring their lunches to school, packing them before they go to bed allows them to help. My kids are very picky so if they pack them themselves I know they will eat their lunch. In the morning all I have to do is add an ice pack and put their lunchbox into their backpacks, which are lined up the night before by the front door. We make sure all homework, library books and anything they need for the next day are inside so we are not left searching in the morning. 

Pick up the house before you go to bed.

Waking up to a clean house just makes your overall day less stressed. By cleaning the kitchen and picking up the main areas in your house before hand can do a lot for your mood on those rushed mornings. I also set up my coffee maker this way I have a fresh pot waiting for me when I wake up. 

Have your kids pick their breakfast the night before.

I started giving my kids a post it pad each night to write what they want for breakfast the next morning. This has made a huge impact on school mornings. There is no more asking “what do you have?” or changing their mind after I have already made what they first asked for. It’s easy for me to prepare what they wanted without asking while they are getting dressed.

Make to-do list before you go to bed.

This is the very last thing I do before I call it a night for myself. By writing down everything I need to do the next day the night before I feel less stressed in the morning. I don’t have to worry about what needs to get done after the kids are gone for the day, it’s all waiting for me when I get back home. I’m not overwhelmed by starting my day with a million things to write down and staring at my laundry list of things to do. 

What tips do you have to make your school mornings run smoother? 

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