Love Geeky Kids? 5 Smart Ways That’ll Make Your Kids Love Books

If you are an avid reader, we bet you want your kid to devour the books the same way you do and to make this happen we need to learn Smart Ways That’ll Make Your Kids Love Books.

Even if you aren’t quite a reader, you fancy your kid lying in the hammock with a book in their hand.

Most parents want to make their kids fall in love with books, and owing to the benefits associated with reading, why wouldn’t a parent want their kids to fall in love with books?

But with so many other things to entertain themselves, reading is more like a task for most kids.

If you are looking for ways to get your kid started with books, these tips might help you.

girl peaking her head around a tall stack of books - Smart Ways That’ll Make Your Kids Love Books

Read to your kid from an early age

Start reading to your kid from the earliest age, but do not limit your reading to bedtime.

Read to them whenever you get time — before their noon nap, while you have your tea or coffee, after their school; basically, any time.

Keep books in your home

Having books around makes kids see books as a part of their life. Keep books, newspapers, and magazines at home.

It’s a great idea to start a little library for them.

Don’t go overboard with it while you read to them.

All you need to do is reserve a shelf or two for their books.

Keep durable books for the little kids, while paperbacks or plastic covers for older ones.

Let them handle the books freely.

Children who smell and touch books tend to develop a deeper connection with them.

Take them to the library

Taking your little one to the library along with you is a great way to get them started with books at an early age.

Read to your child in the library.

Once you see that they are enjoying it, let them select their own books.

leaning is fun is just one of the Smart Ways That’ll Make Your Kids Love Books

Start with comics

If you are looking for a perfect book to start your reluctant kid with books, consider starting with comics.

Comics are a great way to get hold of reluctant readers.

Less text comes across as less intimidating to them as compared to chapter books.

Comics have a very sophisticated and easy-to-understand vocabulary and concepts.

Moreover, the beautiful graphics always entice kids.

Buying books with stuffed animals is also a great idea.

The matching stuffed animals that come with books appeal to toddlers.

They make reading time more enjoyable for them.

Create a themed reading nook

Once your kid embarks on the beautiful journey of reading, invest in their habit.

Create a themed reading nook for them to make reading more interesting.

Think of something that your kid loves, like beaches, castles, space, or anything.

Look for a small corner in your home and decorate it using the same theme.

If your kid likes space, get a space-ship chair for them and adorn the nook with stars and planets.

Or, think of something like a little tent with lots of books inside it.

Once they get a fancy reading corner all to themselves, they will look forward to reading.

Don’t force them to read

Look for ways to introduce your child to books and let them discover their love for them organically.

Don’t force them to read; otherwise, they will never be able to love books the way you want them to.

Also, once your kid learns to read, let them move ahead at their own pace.

If you keep nagging them, they may feel dumb, and reading will become a drill for them.

Collect some books to so you can encourage your kids to read this summer.

The bottom line

Books do more than developing basic language skills for your kid.

They broaden their outlook, make them creative, and contribute to developing emotional intelligence.

Use these 5 Smart Ways That’ll Make Your Kids Love Books.


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