Are You Living According to Your Priorites?

Are You Living According to Your Priorites?

This morning I got a call and, the next thing I know, I’m on an unexpected errand trip that I had 5 minutes to prepare the baby and myself for and it was so early in the morning we weren’t even dressed yet, yikes! (Just for the record, I did NOT forget my older boys. My dad and husband watched them in the barn while they worked.) After a few stops, my mom and I decided to sit down at a lovely little cafe in town to enjoy each other’s company and a delicious coffee. Coincidentally, we came onto the topic of the importance of dropping everything to focus on the people. She reminisced about “back in the day” when you could drop by a friend’s house unannounced and they would stop washing dishes, put on the tea kettle, offer you a pastry, and just focus on catching up. You felt that you matter more than whatever was on their to do list.

I think my mom’s mentality rubbed off on me because I find that I do the same when I have friends visit. I try to make it a priority to sit and visit, without thinking about the pressures of my to do list. My marriage is a priority and my husband is important to me. When he comes in from working on the farm, I try to jump up to meet his needs, whether it be a glass of iced tea in the middle of a hot summer day or a healthy and filling meal on the dinner table when he is done his routine chores for the day. Making my children a priority is easy. They let me know when they need something, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom,” “Yes lovebug?” “I saw a bird!” They know they are important to me (and have full permission to call me out when they feel I’m not paying attention to them). When my dad calls to say he has to be in the barn and can’t take his wife to her appointment, I love that I have the opportunity to say “yes” without hesitation. Because Mom beats out pretty much anything else on my schedule. (If you’re reading this Mom, I hope you know that you and Dad are very near the top of my priority list.)

What do you do when a loved stops by just to chat? When you can’t stop your life enough to just sit and visit with a friend or family member, you may need to rethink things. What are your priorities? Sit down right now and make a list of the things you value. Does your schedule and to do list reflect those priorities? If family is important, what are you doing to enhance those family relationships? Remember that kids need your time. Is your marriage on that list? What have you done to show love to your spouse? Is a pleasant home atmosphere important? What are you doing to create that environment of peace or joy in your home?

This is the time of year when you set new schedules and figure out new routines. Take this as an opportunity to schedule in time for your priorities and work the rest of your life around them.

Mom and I had a lovely visit, focusing on nothing more that enjoying each other’s company while the rest of the world just waited for a little while. After a month of prioritizing people, I am down to the wire on my writing submission deadline. And here I type this post, in the back of the truck, sandwiched between two children in their car seats, on the way to the lake. Not because going to the lake is more important than making deadlines. But my family certainly is.

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