Learning to Code Online Shouldn’t Be a Chore for Kids

Learning to Code Online Shouldn’t Be a Chore for Kids

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It’s a mistake to think that learning must be either fun or beneficial: it can be both, Learning to Code Online Shouldn’t Be a Chore for Kids.

There are online coding classes designed to give children the math and STEM skills future jobs will need while being fun today.

Let’s take a closer look at how the best online coding classes manage to balance practical lessons with pleasure.

Based on Creating Video Games

Many parents have seen how absorbed their kids get by playing video games, but they may be surprised to learn that learning to code video games can be just as fun.

The best courses teaching live online coding for kids use video games to frame lessons and a carrot to motivate students.

Why force kids into lessons they don’t want to do when they are so hungry to learn how to design video games?

Learning to code video games will give them the skills to do a range of programming for apps or websites, but that is far from the only benefit.

The video game industry is worth many billions of dollars today.

Children who aspire to build video games have a promising career ahead, as the days of pumping quarters into arcade games are long over.

They can also apply the skills learned in coding classes to build apps, computer systems, or something else entirely.

Knowing how to manipulate real coding languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++ has immediate benefits and leads to transferrable skills galore.

Lots of Teacher Support

Students eager to learn may become frustrated in busy classroom environments with too many students, whether on or offline. Ideally, the coding courses you look for should have a maximum of four students per teacher and run even if your child is the program’s only student.

When students don’t need to worry about getting their teacher’s attention because they always have it, they’re freer to learn. Likewise, the classes are likely to be more organized and effective when teachers don’t need to deal with the classroom management issues that can arise in large groups.

Young Teachers

It’s easier to learn from teachers who relate to their students.

When learning how to code video games, it’s better to learn it from people who also grew up playing them.

Look for online coding courses that hire Computer Engineering and Computer Science students from post-secondary programs.

Such teachers have domain expertise, but they also have first-hand experience playing games as children, making them perfect mentors to teach the next generation of gamers.

Plus, aside from coding skills, they may have practical and up-to-date advice about how to find STEM-skill-related jobs since they have recently navigated the market.

Young students have struggled to learn during COVID-19, and while parents are right to want their education back on track, kids can receive important lessons in a truly fun way.

Find an online coding program that ticks off all of the above boxes, and your child will enjoy gaining important knowledge.

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