6 Things I Learned From My Kids

Being a mom is the toughest job out there, hand’s down. I am blessed to have three wonderful kids and they have taught me so many things since I have proudly earned the title “mom”. Being a mom you learn about yourself and what you are capable of. It tests every part of your body and mind but worth every second. 

6 Things I Have Learned From My Kids

Unconditional Love – There is no other relationship like a parent and a child. That instant connection to your child is unspeakable. It’s the true meaning of love at first sight. 

Patience – Oh boy have my children taught me patience! They ask the same questions, throw temper tantrums, make the same messes and can run circles around me on any given day. I take a deep breath and keep on moving. 

Multitasking – Who knew? I always thought I got a lot done before I had kids but I bet I’m not alone here. You become amazing at cooking dinner, laundry, changing a diaper and making a boo-boo feel better in the matter of seconds. 

Embrace A Moment – Kids teach you to stop and smell the roses once and a while. We live in a rushed and hectic world, you get used to living fast paced. Everything needs to be done yesterday, not to kids. They will stop and take it all in without the thought of time. 

My Inner Voice – I have always been the shy and reserved type, until the day I had my first child. When it comes to my family or anything I am passionate about I speak up. Now if it gets me that heated watch out, its a voice I never thought I’d have before. 

Prospective – Watching something new and exciting through your child’s eyes is a feeling like no other. That feeling of joy, sadness or excitement shines though them. You feel their every emotion as you are the one seeing or feeling those emotions for the first time. 

I hope as I continue to be their mom they just teach me more and more. 

What have your learned from your kids? 


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