Keeping Your Children Entertained and Happy While You are Working from Home

When you are working from home and trying to balance childcare at the same time, it can feel overwhelming and chaotic at the best of times so let’s look at tips to Keeping Your Children Entertained and Happy While You are Working from Home.

Juggling your children’s need for attention and love, at the same time as juggling your workload, can leave you to feel torn and pulled in lots of different directions each hour of the day.

So, with this in mind, how can you get the right balance and make it all work for you and your family.

Young family watching a movie together - Keeping Your Children Entertained and Happy While You are Working from Home

Having Structure

When there is no structure to your day or your kids’ routine, they will struggle, and so too will you.

So firstly, you need to focus on creating a routine and structure within your daily life.

Having set meal times and working times will benefit everyone within your home, both young and old.

Your children will realize that there are times that you have to work and give your attention elsewhere.

When your children learn, through structure, that they cannot have your attention all of the time, you will find that they will be able to occupy themselves a lot more easily.

Give Them Something to Look Forward To

When kids have things to look forward to, behavior is easier to control, especially at those keep times, such as when you are in a meeting or on a conference call.

Having regular activities, hobbies, and interests to look forward to will ensure that your kids do not get bored.

Regular hobbies and interests will also be a good incentive behavior.

So, for example, regularly, you could ensure that they fulfill their hobbies and interests, both within and outside of the home.

At home, you could encourage their interests by having a subscription box for boys or girls delivered to your home.

Or, outside of the home, you could organize a day out at their favorite theme park as an incentive, encouragement for good behavior, and co-operation.

Focus On What They Need and Want

When you give your kids what they need and want emotionally, you will find that they will be less demanding of your time and attention.

Kids who need more often act out or play up, so if the behavior is not as you would need or even expect, you need to look at what you are giving them.

Are you fulfilling their emotional and psychological needs and wants?

Giving them attention and time will ensure that they are not causing you stress while you are working.

Harness Their Energy

Kids are bundles of energy bound up, just waiting to explode.

If you do not harness their energy, and problems will arise if you do not listen to what they want.

If you do not take time out to establish what they want, then this energy can quickly turn from something that is very positive into something very negative in no time at all.

Therefore, maintaining a positive approach even when times are tough or challenging is important.

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