It’s Okay To Not Let Technology Take Over

It's Okay To Not Let Technology Take Over

Smart phones, tablets, IPads, IPhones – it’s the way of the future…it’s the way of today really. We use technology for everything since there is usually “an app for that”. As a parent I try really hard to not use my cell phone for reading articles, emails or sending text messages for an extended period of time in front of my kids. However, life happens, and I do use it occasionally.

Last year I bought a Fitbit even though I was heavy into half marathon training. To be honest, as a parent with young children I wanted to track my sleep. I don’t know about you but from babyhood to toddler-hood, sleep for parents is hard to come by. As a professional working in the physical activity field, I knew how many steps I should get daily (recommendation is 10,000 steps in Canada for health benefits). I figured THIS would not be a problem, remember I was training for a half marathon after all.

NOW, just because a person runs doesn’t mean they are super active. You can sit all day and run 5-10k night and still not be healthy. Ideally, you want to be active throughout the day. Ten minutes of activity here and there is really good for you, so is standing more and sitting less.

There were days when I would get a great step count on my Fitbit and surpass my 10,000 steps. I even got more active throughout the day, rather than sitting for the majority at my work desk. There were also night’s when I were 500-1000 steps away from my daily goal. Can you guess what I did? Yes, I walked around the inside of my house while my child slept, in my pajamas, JUST to get my daily steps in.

Day after day, it became a little consuming. Did I get my steps? How far am I away from my daily goal? Was I participating in a daily challenge with friends? Surely, I didn’t want to come last.

Then one day I decided to take off my Fitbit and go without. Gasp!!!! I know, shocking! One day led to another and then a week. I eventually did put it back on my wrist but fell out of love with it. A few weeks later I took if off for good and I’ve been without it for almost a year now!

I feel better, I feel less attached and I feel that it’s okay to not have all the gadgets. I still get in daily walks but you won’t see me walking around my house just before bedtime trying to get in my daily steps anymore.

It’s okay to put down your Fit Bit, IPad or Phone. Do it, I dare you!

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