Color My World Series #3 ~ Yellow. Introducing the Color Yellow into Daily Activities

Introducing the Color Yellow into Daily Activities

Thinking about Yellow?

When I think about yellow, I get happy. Yellow reminds me of sunshine, lemons, and flowers. We’re going to take a look at Introducing the Color Yellow into Daily Activities this month.

One fun thing to do with your child is explore the various yellow foods.  There are tons of fruits and vegetables that are yellow such as bananas, squash and lemons.  Buy some pineapple, yellow peppers or yellow corn and discuss the color yellow while you munch.  Or have your child point out all the yellow foods on a trip to the grocery store.

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Wouldn’t a “Yellow” Scavenger Hunt be fun ?!  Yellow can be found in a lot of places, such as stop lights, leaves and cars. 


Here are a few worksheets you can use to teach “yellow” to your child :

The Color YellowPhoto Credit :

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Need a few fun art projects to go with the color “Yellow?”  Here are several :


colors_yellowbeePhoto Credit & Instructions :

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Books about the color yellow or things that are yellow :

10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle

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Yellow Is My Color Star by Judy Horacek

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Here are two websites I found with some really great ideas for other things you can do with your child also :

Learning The Color Yellow Through Science

Celebrate the Color Yellow Theme and Activities

What else can you do ?

– Pick a day to wear yellow clothes.

– Make yellow hand prints.

– Listen to “yellow-themed” songs on You-tube 


That’s all for this month. Join us next month for the color GREEN !!  Until next time …





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