Color My World Series #2 ~ Orange. Introducing the Color Orange into Daily Activities

Color My World Series #2 ~ Orange. Introducing the Color Orange into Daily Activities.

This month we’ll be taking a look at the color orange. I’ll be honest. Orange has not always been my most favorite color. However, once I started researching for this color series, it kinda grew on me. Orange is fun. You’ll see what I mean as we explore.

I found a free printable for color flash cards that you can use for the whole series of colors.  It was created by


Has anyone ever pondered the question of which came first? The fruit or the color orange? I know I have! I found the answer at


Origin of the word Orange

The citrus definitely got named first. The earliest recorded use of orange the fruit in English is from the 1300s and came to us from the Old French orenge, adapted from the Arabic nāranj, from the Persian nārang, from the Sanskrit nāranga (“orange tree”). The Sanskrit word’s origin is unclear, but it might come from a Dravidian word meaning “fragrant.”

The word’s use as a color name doesn’t crop up for another 200 years, in the early 1500s. English speakers probably didn’t have a specific name for the color until the fruit was widely available in their markets and inspired one. Before then, linguists believe people generally referred to orange as “yellow-red,” ġeolurēad in Old English.

VERY interesting and cool to know.

There are lots of fruits and vegetables that are orange.  You can talk about them with your child(ren) and/or introduce them at the dinner table. 

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Below are a few worksheets & activities on the color orange that you can do with your kids :

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Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 2.32.23 PMPhoto Credit :

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You can also read books about the color orange;  Here are a few I found:

Why is Coco Orange?


An Orange in January by Dianna Hutts Aston


What else can you do ?

– Pick a day to wear orange clothes.

– Identify orange things everywhere.

– Make orange hand prints.

– Listen to “orange-themed” songs on You-tube 


That’s all we have for the color orange.  Join us next month for the color YELLOW.  I hope you are enjoying our color series and will join us next month.  Comments and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!  Until next time …



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