Follow Me on My Budget DIY Home Renovation Journey

Follow Me on My Budget DIY Home Renovation Journey and if you follow us on instagram or twitter you might have noticed some our our pictures have had the hashtag #totsreno.

What’s this?

Well after 2.5 years of living in a ‘temporary 6 month max’ basement apartment my husband and I bought a house.

Not just any house, one that need a load of work.

I will be sharing my renovations using the Thinking Outside The Sandbox Reno (#totsreno) hashtag.

I have been so excited to share this news with you but with all the work it needs we just moved in – almost 2 months after closing.

Without further ado I would like to formally introduce you to the farmhouse.


Introducing #totsreno. Follow Me On My Budget DIY Home Renovation Journey

Taken at our first look at the house.

See, I told you it needs a lot of work. And we have an extremely limited budget.

Here are the Specs:

1919 2 storey American Foursquare house. I think it is craftsman style because of the mouldings but I am not sure.
4 bedroom
1.5 bathrooms
Almost 1.5 acres

Purchase Price – $70,000

The house was a foreclosure and the property tax value is $160,000. I am hoping through the #totsreno journey we will get the property to be assessed at that value.

What have we done so far:

– All 28 windows replaced as well as 1 window added (in the sun porch)
– Roof replaced
– Furnace replaced and central air conditioning added

The above we hired people to do for us.

We Did Ourselves:

– Laminate flooring installed in kitchen and kid room
– Taken down a portion of the living room wall to create more ‘flow’
– All hardwood sanded and refinished
– Kitchen painted, including cabinets.
– Wallpaper removed from entire house and about 50% painted with at least one coat.
– Through cleaning done. The house had an inch of dust on everything. I also found some drug paraphernalia in the house so a through cleaning was in order.

What we have Left to Do? 

My main focuses in the next little while will be:

– Painting the outside of the sunroom.
– Sealing and insulating all the little cracks and holes on the outside of the house.
– Installing flooring and painting the sunroom.
– Finish unpacking.

Here are the initial pictures of the house.

If you have Budget DIY Home Renovation Journey before or have any décor suggestions please leave them in the comments below.

Also make sure your follow my progress through our instagram account.

If you comment with your account I will make sure to follow back. We love seeing what everyone is up to.

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