How You Might Be Cooking Your Chicken Wrong

Chicken without a doubt seems to be one of today’s most economical and time-saving dining options.

Most families eat chicken at least once or twice a week for dinner.

Heck, chicken is even a good option when going out, given that it can be prepared in a variety of ways.

Ways that make it unique and different.

While chicken might be amongst the easiest protein choices for dinner, it is also a lean mean.

Why does this matter?

Lean meats are much harder to get right.

It is entirely possible that you’ve been cooking or preparing your chicken wrong this entire time.

Or, at least, not the most effective way possible.

You can avoid that with the following tips and information.

How You Might Be Cooking Your Chicken Wrong

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Rinsing Your Chicken

How many times have you opened that new pack of chicken and immediately stuck it under running water?

Probably just about every time you get a new pack of chicken or get ready to make dinner.

Well, this is your first mistake right here.

Chicken does not need to be washed and cleaned.

In fact, in doing so, you only will not kill harmful bacteria, but you will potentially just spread it.

The US Department of Agriculture reports that you can splash chicken bacteria-laced water as far as three feet from your sink.

That means by simply washing chicken, you stand the chance of polluting everything within a 3-foot radius.

Chicken does not need to be washed.

Right from the package to the frying pan, oven, or crock-pot.

Not Utilizing A Slow Cooker Or Crock-Pot

Speaking of a crock-pot, this is where a lot of other individuals are making mistakes.

It is true that chicken can be prepared in a variety of ways.

It can be baked, roasted, fried, grilled, sauteed, or pretty much anything that you can think of.

Well, it can also be cooked in a slow cooker.

Just ask anyone from the hit cooking website Corrie Cooks and they will tell you that a slow cooker or crock-pot is not only one of the easiest ways to bring life to frozen chicken, but it is one of the fastest and most effective.

Be sure not to just opt out of the crock-pot because you think it’ll suck and drain all the flavors.

It’s entirely possible that this method of cooking will add more overall flavor and spice to your dish.

Not Drying Chicken

If you are washing your chicken just so that you can dry it, you might actually be ahead of the game.

Drying chicken is always necessary.

Just make sure that you skip the wash.

The chicken will come juicy so it’ll already be wet or damp and need a good drying.

Removing moisture for the skin will help you get a better browning when the chicken goes into the pan or cooking device.

An absorbent paper towel will help dab off as much of the moisture as you can.

Just make sure that you toss the paper towel directly into the trash and discard the trash immediately because you do not want to take the chances of spreading unwanted bacteria throughout the home or cooking area.

So right about now you have learned that you may have been Cooking Your Chicken Wrong – now you know.

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