How You Can Relieve Stress

How You Can Relieve Stress. I know that finding time for yourself can be hard but boy with you and your family feel the effect of you being stresses.

How You Can Relieve Stress

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How You Can Relieve Stress

Make Time for yourself

I can’t stress this one enough, make the time to just be you, be alone. Go for walk alone, or maybe get up a little earlier than your kids to drink a cup of coffee in peace and quiet and a chance to drink it while it is still hot.


While there is a chance that I just used a horrible word, just listen for a minute. You don’t need to head to the gym, or have some elaborate work out. Just got for a walk around the block, or find a simple workout just to get the endorphins pumping.

Talk about It

Find a friend, or professional, that you trust and feel comfortable talking to. A friend who is in the same boat as you, who can understand some of what you are feeling. Just getting it out, venting can make you feel that much better.

Dance Party!

Turn up the music, and dance it out with your kids, or your husband, or even just alone. The music and movement can help you relax, your muscles and your mind.

More Sleep

Head to bed a little earlier. I know that staying up for some alone time after your kids go to bed can feel amazing, but sometimes, even just once a week heading to bed an hour or so earlier can make you feel a lot better. At least once a week I am in bed right behind my kids. I feel much more refreshed the morning.

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