How To Select the Best Patio Door For Your House

Do you want to replace your old and drafty patio doors that do not match your new house design anymore so learn here How To Select the Best Patio Door For Your House?

That would be great. New patio doors not only bring your house more aesthetics, but they also add property value and significantly increase energy efficiency.

But how do you choose the best units?

When preparing this article for you, we have gone above and beyond analyzing the market and found some exciting research made by Canadian Patio door experts, who claim that homeowners usually rely on several vital aspects when choosing their new patio door.

Want to learn everything in detail? Keep reading!

How To Select the Best Patio Door For Your House

Choose the Patio Door product that matches your home design perfectly

This is by far the top 1 aspect that drives homeowners’ attention when choosing new patio doors.

While you have a pretty vast choice of patio door styles, the most popular 2 are French and sliding patio doors.

They are entirely different and used to complement different home designs and spaces.

  • French doors operate like ordinary doors and are usually installed in houses that need some classic touch. Homeowners go with these units when space and budget are not a problem. These doors are generally the most expensive option but look stylish, sleek and traditional.
  • Sliding patio doors are perfect when your space is tight, and you want to save some area. These doors are easy and safe to operate, sliding along the track horizontally. Homeowners usually choose them for the backyard or garden to bring some modern touch to their homes.

Pay attention to energy efficiency properties

Energy efficiency is a huge determining factor when choosing your new patio doors.

You want to get the units that will help you cut down on energy bills while showing exceptions thermal performance, right?

While both sliding and French patio doors come with good energy efficiency potential, you should always check whether your new units are Energy Star labelled and certified.

This ensures patio doors comply with the industry standards, are well insulated and will serve you for many years to come. 

When considering energy efficiency, homeowners are also advised to choose between double and triple glazing.

And even if your local door company claims you need something specific here, always remember to analyze your climate zone, energy bills and overall home conditions.

Triple glazing is always at least 15% more expensive, so make sure to weigh all pros and cons here.

DIY or hiring a pro to install your new patio doors?

The last but not the least issue all homeowners consider when purchasing new doors is whether they can install the units on their own, or hiring a pro would be the best scenario?

And here comes the harsh truth – even if you consider yourself a great DIYer, replacing your door without previous experience would lead you to nothing but a poor installation that might ruin your new patio doors.

That is why it is always recommended to hire professional installers. But before signing a contract, make sure they:

  • Follow the CSA guidelines and your local building code
  • Have exceptional reputation and previous experience with the project like yours
  • Answer all your questions in detail 
  • Offer you to go only with Energy Star-rated products

The Bottom Line

Shopping for new patio doors might be pretty challenging for the first time, but following some main tips discussed in this article will help you eliminate the common pitfalls. Good luck!

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