How to Save Lots of Cash on Books for School

How To Save Lots of Cash on Books For School

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How to Save Lots of Cash on Books for School

If someone in your family is in school, or will be starting soon, you might be dreading the thought of spending all that money on books. The costs for books that will only be used a few months can really add up. Then, when you try to sell them back, the value may drop significantly. Read on and learn How to Save Lots of Cash on Books for School.

Break the Cycle

If you’d like to break the cycle of throwing money away on books you won’t be keeping, check out CampusBookRentals. They offer books in excellent condition for a small rental fee that’s a fraction of what you would pay for new materials. In most cases, you will save from 40% to 90% off bookstore prices.

Right now they are have a summer sale and that means all textbooks are $29.00 or less! Plus, CampusBookRentals offers free returns for 30 days AND free shipping both ways. They even allow you to highlight in your rented books.

Services Available to Sell Books

A service like CampusBookRentals is a great way to save money if someone in your family is learning at home. That includes adult education, home schooling and online courses. I browsed their online catalog today and saw a few of the titles we will need for our science and history curriculum this fall.

I also noticed that they donated to Operation Smile with every textbook that is rented. It always impresses me when companies are willing to give back to the community in some way!

While you are visiting CampusBookRentals, check out the new program they just launched called RentBack. It takes the rental concept to a whole new level and allows YOU to rent the books that you own to other students! The fees you collect will net you 2-4 times more money than you would make if trying to sell them back at the store.

Have you ever rented schoolbooks before? What do you think of the concept?

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