How to Manage Common Cold Weather Illnesses in your Child

Children are more prone to common cold and flu during the cold season because their immunity is not fully developed.

Actually, there is a medical reason for this.

The rhinovirus which causes colds usually thrives in low temperatures and is able to mutate and hibernate during the warmer months.

Since a child’s immune system is ill equipped to fight it, you child is more likely to come down with a cold than you.

More importantly, the cause is a virus, not a bacteria, and giving your child antibiotics to fight common is not only ineffective but can also put them at risk of being resistant to antibiotics.

Instead use the following advice to keep them healthy during the cold months.

How to Manage Common Cold Weather Illnesses in your Child

Keep them warm

Ensure your kids have sufficient warm clothes for the winter season. That’s sweaters, jackers, boots and mittens to keep them warm.

Also, keep the interior of your house warm by investing in an electric fireplace which is not only safe, but doesn’t emit as much smoke which can cause respiratory problems for you as well as your child.

See for reviews.

Even your child is old enough and has been accustomed to cold baths, they should have warm showers instead.

Cold showers can cause shivers, clogging of their nasal passages and trigger cold symptoms.

Avoid antibiotics

Understandably, as a good parent you want to do anything within your means to help your child feel better.

However, antibiotics do not help with colds.

They treat bacterial infections whereas viruses, as mentioned earlier, cause colds.

If anything, it can cause further medical complications for your child.

It is also important to note that over-the-counter medications are not recommended for young children as their effectiveness and safety is not guaranteed.

Simple home remedies like drops of salty solution in the nose help with decongestion of the nasal cavity to help the child breathe more easily.

Common children’s painkillers can also help calm down their fevers.


Let them rest

Children need to have adequate rest when they have a cold in order to help them conserve the energy they need to recuperate.

The body is able to heal itself when mobility is limited as it has more resources to fight off the virus.

Bed rest is also recommended when the child has a cold as it ensures they do not spread the virus to other people in the house or at school.

Let the lounge in the balcony where they can some fresh air and much needed sunshine to help in their recovery.

How to Manage Common Cold Weather Illnesses in your Child

Give them enough fluids

Warm beverages like tea or even the traditional chicken soup help to beat the cold by keeping the body hydrated especially if the child has a mild fever.

Tea sweetened with honey packs a double punch as it soothes sore throats as honey coats the throat making breathing less labored.

Fluids also help to thin the mucus to reduce congestion as well as reduce the risk of lung and ear infections.

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