How to Make Your Family Dinner Memorable


Life is no longer how it used to be.

The rigors of the 21st century has taken time off our hands we rarely get to enjoy meals together as a family.

Breakfast is taken on the go. Lunch, if we ever get time for it, is mostly fast food carried back to work.

Meals are just a means to stay alive, instead of being a means to bond with your loved ones. 

How to Make Your Family Dinner Memorable

Today’s lifestyle also does not encourage much family gatherings.

Unless it is a social function, families no longer get together to just share a meal… and gossip. 

Even when they do, people find it easier to host the occasion in fancy restaurants.

That is why any home gatherings should be treasured and accorded the special treatment they deserve. Here are tips on how to make your family dinner amazing and have long lasting memories: 

How to Make Your Family Dinner Memorable

Don’t underrate table-cloths  

It is easier to ignore table-cloths and think that any will do.

They will probably get soiled by food droppings and at the end of the night, nobody will care how beautiful they are.

The perfect piece of table-cloth will get the mood warm and cozy.

It should however be so loud that it becomes a distraction. Get something simple but elegant.

A smaller colorful piece for the center of the table only adds to the elegance.  


Use napkin bundles 

Napkin bundles help deal with the worries of where to place the little fork and the soup spoon.

Wrapping all the dinnerware into a bundle is killing two birds with one stone, you get prettiness and effectiveness all rolled into one.

Linen napkins are recommended for this.  


Go for style  

Turn the dinner table into an art centre with designer dinner sets and add floral elements for decoration.

Get some flowers to make the mood romantic and also add a fresh atmosphere to the table.

Whether potted or in a vase, it is up to you. 


Light it up 

Who said candle lit dinners are only for couples?

Candles make the dinner more intimate, which is the whole purpose of the dinner- to bond.

There are a variety of candles you can work with depending on your taste and preferences. 


Make it a themed dinner 

Having a theme for the family dinner creates the mood for amazing conversations and could even lead to games, which even makes it easier to bond.

If the children are tagged along, get a theme that they will be able to identify with too.

Cartoon themes almost cuts across all ages. 


Be a minimalist  

The principle behind minimalism is to get more with less. Use simple shapes and textures and serene colors to bring a sophisticated feeling to the dinner.

Keep off bright colors and let the simpleness shine on its own.

This can go with the menu too. 

However, do not  trade quality and safety for cost and risk suffering food poisoning like the Chipotle Bioterrorism incident. 


Go for exotic 

This is the time to unleash that new recipe that you have been practising and gift your family a surprise.

Try making a foreign dish that everyone has been gushing about giving a try.

It only adds to the fun and you learn How to Make Your Family Dinner Memorable.

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