How To Make A 3 Cake With A Surprise Inside

How To Make A 3 Cake With A Surprise Inside

When my daughter turned three I wanted to bake a cake that she would love. I did not want a character themed party so instead I choose to make a party all around her favourite treat – Smarties. Smarties are bold, colourful and most importantly chocolate. I saw a few different cakes that I liked online – a number 3 cake and cakes where there is a surprise inside. I combined the two to make a 3 cake with a surprise inside. 

Every year I make the cake for my daughter. We are not too into presents at my house. Instead, I like to go all out with the cake. My mom used to make cakes for me growing up and it is something I fondly remember.

It seems like I am not the only one that feels this way. 

In a recent study carried out by Enbridge Most (63%) of Canadians think that having a cake makes your birthday more special. Women (69%) believe this more than their male counterparts (57%), while the importance of cake diminishes with age. 70% of 18-34 year olds believe cake makes your birthday more special, compared to 64% of those aged 35-54 and 57% of Canadians of the age of 55. Appropriately, household with kids are more likely to think cake makes a birthday special (72%) compared to households without kids (61%).

How To Make A 3 Cake With A Surprise Inside

Bake two cakes in a bundt pan. Bake according to the directions of your cake mix or recipe. I make an angel food chocolate cake as I wanted something a bit lighter to counter the amount of smarties. I also only had an angel food pan. If you do not have a bundt pan – no worries – just bake a round cake and cut circles in the center once it’s cooled.

How To Make A 3 Cake With A Surprise Inside

Once the two cakes have cooled it is time to make the 3. You may have to play a bit with your cuts to get the right angles. One cake is basically cut in half while the other has a wide triangle cut out of it. Use the picture above as a guide.

For the surprise inside you are going to make a v-shape wedge on the top of the cake. Pull out the cut and trim it down a bit so you will have space to put your filling. Did I mention you will have a lot of extra cake with this recipe? Great way to make cake pops. I used Smarties as the filling but to be honest they did not turn out the best. I may not have let my cake cool completely as they started to melt. A hard candy would have worked better.

Lastly, it is time to decorate. You will need a lot of icing as there is a lot of surface area. Decorate to suit your theme. We used rainbow sprinkles. 

How do you make your children’s #birthdayscount? 

Disclosure: Thank you to Enbridge for working with us on this post. As always, all thoughts and opinions on Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family are 100% our own.

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