How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation


How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation


How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation

The ongoing unstable and apprehensive situation has left every single person on the globe puzzled about the future.

Parents, who are now spending most of their free time enclosed with their kids, find it even harder to cope with daily chores, work obligations, and energy-packed children.

Not only do parents now have to delegate numerous tasks, but they have to make their kids’ lives during isolation more productive, fun and educational.

Even if this sounds utterly difficult, there are a few rather nifty and interesting things you can apply to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation.

Read on to find out How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation?


Try out educational and fun games

Children love to play, but above all, they learn things through play.

The most effective way to clear the panic about this nasty virus out of the way is to organize a game night, every night.

Educational and creative games will get kids engaged both mentally and physically.

Create some obstacle course with toilet paper and ribbons, play charades or Jenga, do puzzles,  try out some fun cause and effect games with blocks or bubbles.

Hold quizzes, play some classical board games like Monopoly, Scrabble or Cluedo.

The COVID-19 isolation may even bring out your inner child while playing these games.


How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation?

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Don’t neglect their hygiene routines

As this virus is transferred through the physical contact and it immediately enters our organism through nose, mouth, and eyes, your children’s hand, face, and body hygiene are extremely vital.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to find good ways and methods to teach the children proper handwashing.

It’s not always simple as it sounds since children usually neglect washing their hands.

During isolation dedicate more time to explain to them what germs are and how bad are they.

Then, get a kid-friendly soap, maybe come up with a special handwashing song, and with repetition and positive reinforcement keep up with proper hygiene.


Keep up with the school

The most troublesome worry for all parents, and some children, is that schools are closed.

This might be for the greater good, but homeschooling is something completely new and oblivious for the young ones.

To help them adjust to school while in isolation be present while they have an online class.

Assist with any problem, and later help them do their homework.

Encourage more reading as well.

If children stay up to date with their curriculum and if they have their little minds engaged in a good book, they won’t feel the burdens of isolation that much.


How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation

Source: Jena Backus


Learn the organizational values

This might be the perfect time to teach your kids how to delegate their responsibilities, organize their time more productively and learn how to keep things in order.

Set a clear schedule of chore and responsibilities.

Each child should clearly know when is the time for school, recess, lunch, and play.

Don’t allow them to have any recess time until they have finished with their scheduled task.

Teach them how to adequately make their beds, sort out and fold their clothes in the closet and clear out the clutter after they’ve made a mess.

Observe each activity and reward a job-well-done.


Spruce up their creativity

During the isolation due to the COVID-19 virus, children must put their health and hygiene in the first place, but how to make an energetic child wash their hands and obey the rules diligently?

Easy – by transforming it into a game.

Let them be creative and use up their imagination to learn how to maintain proper hygiene.

Let them wear rubber gloves and give them a kilo of flour, water, and eggs and let them make something without touching their face.

If they need to scratch their nose, they must immediately go to the bathroom to wash their hands effectively.

This simple, yet fun and creative game, will teach them the importance of maintaining the right hygiene and how to make a loaf of bread.


How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation

Source: Pixabay

Have smart “screen-time”

When not under surveillance by their parents, children tend to watch innumerable useless clips on the Internet.

Not only that but playing video games and being constantly on social media can turn them into future couch potatoes.

Isolation is a great way to have some quality family screen time.

Watch some educational wildlife documentaries, go through your wedding video and re-watch their past birthday parties.

In the end, watch some inspirational and though-provoking movies that will spark up their little minds.

This is How to help your children adjust to COVID-19 isolation.


Do your best not to look at isolation as some form of limitation, look for and find the silver lining.

Use this situation to spend quality and effective time with your loved ones, and be grateful for the opportunity to teach them some new values in life.

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