How to Have an Incredible Family Holiday in Spain

Spain is a great country to visit because it has something for everyone so learn here how to have an incredible Family Holiday in Spain.

You do need to be careful when choosing the region, as each one has its own pros and cons, and it’s worth thinking about what would best suit you and your family so that you can all have a great time.

Cudillero in asturias, Spain and Cudillero in asturias, Spain

Cudillero in asturias, Spain

Choose Your Trip Type

You can enjoy city excursions, beach holidays and even a hiking or camping trip in Spain.

The country is much larger than many people give it credit for and there is much to do inland as well as along the coast.

A big factor in deciding what kind of trip you want is accommodation.

Are you craving a little luxury, or do you want to rough it?

If you’re after something modern, a city break might be the trip for you.

Unless you’re happy to stay in a tent, the kinds of accommodation available, especially if you have a larger family, can help narrow down where to go.

If you want a stress-free family holiday, you don’t want separate hotel rooms.

You want everyone in one place, which means that for many families, booking a villa is the way to go.

Villa holidays in Spain are always cheaper than people think, especially when you consider that most families need two or more hotel rooms to accommodate everyone.

With a villa, you combine these costs, can make meals at home and have somewhere to relax.

Choose Your Region

There are many regions in the country, each with its own history, culture and interests.

Unless you’re road-tripping through the entire country, you’ll want to want to stick to one region and explore it more in-depth.

Three of the best for families are Andalucía, Aragon and Catalonia.


Andalucía is the region that contains Costa del Sol, Costa de Almería and Costa Tropical, among others.

It is the most popular of the regions for tourists simply for its stunning coastline and many beaches.

You will also find golf resorts, thriving coastal towns and sleepy villas perfect for families.


For outdoor adventures, you’ll want to head to Aragon.

Close to the Aragonese Pyrenees, this is the go-to destination for skiing, hiking and camping.

It is ideal for families who are adventurous and want to head out into a national park that isn’t as popular as parks in other countries, such as Switzerland.


Catalonia is a fiercely independent region that is different from the rest of Spain – and for a reason.

Barcelona, its capital, stands apart as one of the most beautiful cities in the world thanks to the work of Antoni Gaudí.

With great beaches, better cities and lots to do, it is a perfect destination for the whole family.

Book Your Adventure

Once you have chosen your region, it’s time to get the rest of the planning underway.

Book well ahead to take advantage of good deals.

Always get the cancellation policy just in case, of course, but there is no reason not to make your dream family vacation a reality now:

Stress-Free Flights

When you travel with kids, you absolutely must pay for seat allocation to ensure your whole family sits together.  

Stunning Villas

Book your villa, or make sure you remember to pay for excess luggage for your tents!


With the exception of city breaks, you are going to want to hire a vehicle.

Do this in advance, especially if you need a special booking like automatic instead of manual, or a large vehicle to fit everyone in.


Book these items now to take advantage of deals and so that you have something wonderful to look forward to once travel restrictions are lifted.

Your whole family needs a break, so plan a great holiday.

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