How to Dress a Newborn Baby When Going Outside

As a new parent, learning to dress up your baby can be overwhelming.

They could be too tiny and delicate to rock that dress.

Additionally, since they are experiencing a new environment, you need to dress comfortably to adapt.

The information here helps you helps you learn the Tips to Keep Your Newborn Baby Warm and Comfortable.

image of child in a winter coat which is How to Dress a Newborn Baby When Going Outside

Layer up the Clothes when it’s Cold

Layering newborn baby clothes traps heat and keeps your baby warm.

You can begin by purchasing a thin onesie, a long-sleeved shirt, or pants.

You may also layer up a snowsuit to keep the child comfortable and warm.

When dressing the baby, cover up from head to toe.

You should have a few mittens, thick socks, and gloves.

If you feel cold, your child is likely to feel it twice.

Carry the Baby Blankets

Now that they are warmly dressed, you should also carry a few blankets, especially if they’ll be on the stroller.

Cover them from the cold, wind, and scorching sunshine.

You may also get a lighter shawl for the warm seasons.

While walking them outside, you should leave some breathing space.

You can then loosen them when you get to the car or in the house.

You do not need the blankets during indoor naptime.

Be Careful about Overheating

While protecting your baby from cold, you may overdress them and expose them to overheating.

This is a common cause of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome).

While outside, leave space for their head and allow for breathing.

You should remove the baby’s extra layers when you get into the house.

After putting the baby to bed, you should keep the temperature cool and conducive for them.

Check for sweating in the baby’s neck to determine whether the temperature is right.

Shield the baby from the Sun

Scorching sunshine can harm the baby’s delicate skin.

It can be risky to use sunscreen on your baby; hence not recommended until they are six months old.

It would help if you carried a foldable shade when leaving the house in order to protect them from the direct sunshine’s rays.

Additionally, limit the exposure time to a few minutes.

If you want them to bask in the sun, you should take advantage of the morning sunshine.

Watch for Discomfort Signs

Since newborns cannot talk, they will exhibit different signs to show discomfort.

They may cry or try to move their limbs.

If they are too warm, you can notice a flushed look and sweaty necks.

Additionally, their breathing gets more rapid when it’s too hot.

You should loosen the layers and call for medical assistance if the baby does not cool down.


Whether it’s chilly cold, or hot, your baby needs to be comfortable.

Your diaper bag should also have a change of newborn baby clothes when heading out.

Be watchful for signs of lethargy, frostbite, or change in appearance as it indicates discomfort.

In case of any extremities, you should contact your baby doctor or call 911 for quick assistance.

Remember that the baby is still delicate and needs immediate help.

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