How To Clean Microfiber Furniture – Super Easy and Affordable

In four simple steps you can learn how to clean microfiber furniture. You do not want to miss seeing the before and after photos in this post.

When I saw a pin from Chris and Robin’s Nest on how to clean microfiber furniture my first thought was — Oh sweet! Our chair is grossss. My second thought was — Our chair is gross. No way will this work.  

Here is a close up of our chair before I cleaned it. Nope I do no live in a frat house BUT I do have a 20 month old who likes to be independent and eat/colour on her own.

How To Clean A Microfiber Chair

A break down of the stains.

Pen mark – one day old.

3/4 can of soda – 3 days or so old. Stain was not cleaned only soaked up with a towel.

Pizza grease – ranging from 4-5 months ago to a few weeks old.

Misc stains including baby vomit and random food – ranging from 6 months old to present. 


Make sure you have these on hand before you start:

OXO Good Grips Household Scrub Brush

Swan Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%, Pint, 16 OZ – If your bottle of rubbing alcohol does not have a sprayer on it you will need a spray bottle.

Twist Scrub Sponges- 6 Count

Step 1

Using your scrubbing brush give your chair/couch a good scrub to loosen up any dirt.

If you have lots of crumbs in your furniture you should vacuum them up first. 

I really like to use BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16 volt Lithium Cordless Dust Buster Hand Vac for furniture.

It is lightweight and easy to store.

You can also use it on your stairs or in the car.

It is very versatile. 

Step 2 

Spray rubbing alcohol on the stains.

The area should be wet but not completely saturated. 

Step 3

Rub the now wet (with rubbing alcohol) stains with your sponge.

Repeat on all the stained areas. 

Step 4 

Wait until your furniture dries.

If you cannot wait (guilty) then put a towel down to sit on. 

Here are some more before and afters.

How to clean microfiber - before and after

That’s it!

In 4 super simple steps you will have a new looking chair. 

Update: Since writing this post the chair did get dirty again (shocked?).

I just repeated the steps above and am still comfortably enjoying it. 


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