How Technology affects our Children

Every day, we are treated to mind-boggling tech inventions.

But do we ever stop to ask how our young ones are affected?

What are the consequences of close children and technology relations?

Are they finding it tough to cope with these trends or there is more than what meets the eyes?

The truth is millennials know more about technology than you could ever imagine.

In fact, they are always at the forefront of reading news about new smart gadgets launches.

In fact OXBOX game releases and they always want to own the latest smart gadgets.

Technology in its many forms affects kids, massively.

Therefore, parents should seek answers to genuine concerns such as what their kids do online. 

In this post, I walk you through How Technology affects our Children, but before going into the details, take note of the following:

How Technology affects our Children

Manifest of the modern day technology

We breathe, smell, touch, see and talk technology.

There is no question about it.

However, the extent to which our children get exposed to various forms of technology should be a curtain raiser.

As the world focuses on the next decade where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be manifest everywhere, statistics by Survey Monkey puts the number of American children who are using smart gadgets such as Smartphone at 60%. 

Interestingly, the same study reveals that parents who are concerned about their kids accessing digital material stand at less than fifty percent (47%).

Nevertheless, you must already know that overexposure to these devices including spending hours on end watching a sitcom is not healthy after all. 

Then there is Virtual Reality (VR), and now augmented reality (AR) which despite making significant improvements in both learning and entertainment are not without negative impacts on the end user. 

You might want to assume that letting your child interact with the latest AI devices like Alexa poses not bodily harm, but you’ve got to think beyond physical reality.

How technology affects our children

How Technology affects our Children

Children of the 21st century are driving forces behind some of the tech inventions we are seeing today. 

From home gadgets to learning resources, it would never have been easier to dispense knowledge to today’s generation without embracing digital media. 

Therefore, the impact of technology on children is evident in the following ways:


1. Effects on a child’s social life

The advent of social media has been applauded across the world.

Platforms like Facebook make it easier for your child to meet new friends online.

But, the question is; does it promote a healthy social life?

Well, the modern day child is apparently miles away from real-world social life because while social media expands socialization spectra, it exists as two sides of the same coin. 

Addiction to chat rooms, Snapchat and Instagram further complicate the matter. 

Most kids in this age are more attached to virtual reality than the physical one, as a result, social fabrics between them and parents/siblings grow weaker by the days.


How technology affects our children

2. Moral Standing

It is free to access the World Wide Web, but not without consequences.

Children, in particular, are consuming illicit information such as pornographic content. And it is because of the speed at which technology makes it easy to do so.

While you may have a home Wi-Fi for doing a work from home job, your children could be secretly viewing violent and morally disruptive videos on the web.

That is not to mention that those who want to abuse your child sexually (pedophiles and rapists) could be marauding in social networks without you being in control.


3. Child development

The effects of technology on child development cut across many areas of concern.

While your intentions of hiring an online academic tutor for baby is always a good idea.

The overuse of smart learning Apps is always likely to turn your children people whose attention span are limited. 

With time, they will start clicking away from sites that take time to load because they can tolerate another minute of waiting.

Moreover, there is the risk of technology ripping off kids learned skills such as cursive writing in as much as it promotes education in some way (pedagogy).

Kids are also likely to become lazy at doing manual tasks such as hand-written essays.

Another area is How Technology affects our Children and their growth and development.

While you may be sound asleep, your baby is busy playing games on the tab tucked in the bed. And you will start wondering why he or she no longer performs well at school or why they suddenly suffer from poor concentration.


Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, while technology is here to say, its impacts on our children cannot be swept under the carpet. 

You will be able to register your young one on an online gaming community. But there is need to monitor the sites they access.

There are site blockers for limiting their access to morally defrauding websites before it is too late to do anything.

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